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Elsa Artadi throws in the towel

“I can not anymore. I have lost my energy. I’ve had them but I don’t have them.” Between tears, Elsa Artadi said goodbye, one of the most prepared people in the political class. She was an outstanding student of Mas-Colell, creator of La Grossa in 2013, she sounded strong to reach the presidency of the Generalitat in 2018.

Her resume: PhD in Economics from Harvard, she was a professor at this university before becoming a professor in Milan. She kept a subscription to The New Yorker and the tradition of eating turkey on Thanksgiving Day. The turmoil experienced since 2017, with weekly trips to Brussels to see Puigdemont, and the brawls between independentistas, have exhausted her resistance. A yoga practitioner, she measured her inner and outer forces before taking a decisive step.

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