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El Vendrell pedestrianizes the essential point of its history

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It is an emblematic point in the history of El Vendrell. The Portal del Pardo, headquarters of the Fundació Fenosa and which is one of the oldest houses in El Vendrell, 500 years old, converge there, in addition to the wall that protected the historic center, the royal road and the França bridge.

The area of ​​Quatre Fonts, Portal del Pardo, Pont de França and Plaça de França they have been freed from vehicular circulation and become pedestrian and for mobility by bicycle.

Beyond the aesthetic change, the work It is a step towards sustainable mobility in the urban center of El Vendrell. The City Council has already indicated the objective of getting the most out of the historic center and giving priority to pedestrians.

Change of model

This Friday the reform of that point was inaugurated although the neighbors had already been using it a few days ago without circulation in what it must mean a change in the urban model that will spreadas pointed out by the mayor Kenneth Martínez to unite the areas of the nucleus separated by the stream.

In this sense, the forecast is that next August the pedestrianization of the França bridge will begin to continue along Cristina Baixa street that leads to the area of ​​the courts and is very busy with pedestrians.

In addition to the pedestrianization of streets a few weeks ago finished the work to extend a 2-kilometre bike lane through the historic center and part of the urban growth area and that joins the school and sports zone with the Rambla.

more pedestrian

Precisely another of the projects to be developed is the pedestrianization of the Rambla, which now has circulation on both sides. This work will extend to Plaça Francesc Macià and the municipal market.

The Quatre Fonts area

priority for pedestrians requires the creation of parking that with these works and the bike lane has been lost. The trade urges to create these dissuasive zones near the center. A few weeks ago the City Council commissioned the drafting a parking plan which must indicate the areas where they can be created to leave the car and access the center on foot.

Mayor Kenneth Martínez pointed out that it is already planned that the extension of the pedestrian areas will be complemented with these dissuasive parking lots that will be made in nearby areas.


The inauguration of the pedestrianization of this historic point of El Vendrell also uncovered a sculpture in a fountain with a work by Apel les Fenosa and that will remain as a symbol.

The Tres Regnes sculpture is a work that Fenosa did in 1950. It represents the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms embodied in three female figures with intertwined hands.

The piece was in the Fundación Fenosa, which has given it as a deposit so that it can be seen on public roads. As explained by the director of the Fundació. Josep Miquel Garcia, is the only work that the sculptor designed intended to be a fountain.

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