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El Temps a Tarragona: Pluges febles

Forecast per avui

During the first half of the day the nuvolositat fins will increase to remain between molt ennuvolat i cobert for the rest of the day, both núvols más compactes al vessant sud de la Pirineu i Prepirineu occidental.


It is expected that precipitation will advance from south-west to north-east, it is likely to be at the extreme north-east, along with the rest of the coastline during the afternoon. It will be of weak intensity, locally moderate, and will accumulate quantities between months and little abundance in general. Yes, locally the accumulations will be abundant at points in the north-west quadrant. The elevation of Neu Baixarà from 2,300 meters to 2,000 meters at the end of the day, if I go to the Vessant Nord del Pirineu Baixarà ends at 1,400 meters. It is not ruled out some morning storm to l’extrem sud.


The minimum temperature will be similar or slightly lower. The maximum will be similar or slightly lower than the north-eastern quadrant and the rest of the central coast, and between slightly and moderately lower than the rest, but inside the western third the descent will be sharp.


The visibility will be between good and regular in general, if locally it will be dolent to the mid- and highlands of the massifs of the mountains, especially late in the afternoon, which is restricted to areas of the terç oest.


Bufarà moderate tramuntana to l’Alt Empordà, with some cops forts to the north of the Costa Brava. Other than that, the vent will be fluid and variable in direction with predominance of the south and west components, in general.

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