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Edgar Hernández, fetish striker for Sabadell

Edgar Hernández is not just any forward in Sabadell. He is a member of the brilliant team that in the 2019/20 season achieved promotion to the Second Division in Marbella. The fetish forward of that historic squad that brought joy back to Nova Creu Alta. For this reason, this Sunday, when Gavà’s attacker jumps onto the pitch -we’ll see if he’s in the Nàstic starting eleven or throughout the game- he will recall that harlequin idyll.

Like good romances, it began in the summer of 2018. Edgar returned to Sabadell, where he had played two courses (2013/14 and 2014/15) after four excellent years in Reus. From red and black he had achieved promotion to the Second Division and returned to Nova Creu Alta as a prestigious striker. He knew that in Sabadell his first step had not been the one he wanted. He played little and left after being relegated to Second B. He wanted to make up for it even if that meant returning to bronze after two years in the elite. In this second stage, the harlequin fans did meet the real Edgar Hernández and fell in love with him.

Sergi Garcés, a journalist from Ràdio Sabadell, defines the striker’s second stage at CE Sabadell as “brilliant” and “that meets all the requirements to be indelible at the club: a rise in category with prominence, a player who fits in between the people for their close character in the treatment; and that he quickly identifies with the club and transmits it outside ».

The journalist admits that promotion sweetens the memory because “it always helps when a player’s performance is accompanied by collective success.” But that does not mean that Edgar won the good taste in the mouth that his second step left in the Nova Creu Alta stands.

«It is true that goal-men have an easier time connecting with the stands, but Edgar, in addition to the goals, offered fight and intensity. It is often said that forwards are selfish but he left the feeling that the day he is not fine in front of goal he will never lack the fight. If you have to leave a face, he leaves it to you », explains Sergi Garcés.

For example, the match against FC Barcelona B that was worth the ticket to professional football. «He didn’t score any goals, but if you ask the Sabadell fan, in addition to remembering that he assisted Néstor in the goal, they will tell you that he broke his face with the Barça B defense (including the current first team player azulgrana Ronald Araujo) and that the group took advantage of it. He compensates for the goal with his warrior profile », details the journalist from Ràdio Sabadell.

Club and team man
Edgar participated in the success of the ascent and suffered the frustration of the descent a year later. In the silver category, a secondary role was predicted for the arrival of forwards who aimed to be pointers. But in the end, he dealt with the harlequin attack more times than he would have imagined. “Because of his seniority, he was able to adapt more to what the team needed than another. He didn’t score many goals but in presence and collective feeling he went beyond the simple game. When the team was annoyed he gave that image of a club player and important inside the locker room », comments Sergi Garcés.

Edgar Hernández left an indelible mark on Sabadell. Just as he had done in Reus, Sant Andreu and even in Alicante. Wherever the Catalan striker has been, he has known how to win the position due to his quality on and off the field. His talent on the green is comparable to his positive behavior outside the playing field. “He always adds up”, they insist over and over again from the Nàstic locker room. Tarragona is the last stop, for now, of his professional career and despite the injuries that have prevented him from offering a better performance, Edgar is also on his way to carving out a name recognized and esteemed by the fans at the Nou Estadi.

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