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Doctor Bertran | Tarragona Newspaper

Bertolt Brecht said that «there are men who fight one day and are good; There are others that fight for a year and are better; Some fight for many years and are very good. But there are those who fight all their lives: those are the essential ones». Sticking to this maxim, we can say that Josep Maria Bertran Soler, Doctor Bertran, is an essential man, since he has spent a lifetime fighting to improve the health of his patients. That they are not few, since many of those who went to the CAP Jaume I, where he worked, sought to be attended by him, which generated extra work that he always assumed with pleasure and professionalism. Perhaps because he was the son of a rural doctor, he understood medicine as a service. He attended to the sick without haste, as it should be, dedicating the time and explanations that were necessary, although that often meant going without eating, because he was late and when he left he visited the sick in their homes. And that satisfied him. So much so that he ignored the proposals that came to him from various parties to be Minister of Health and even Minister of Health. He never accepted; he owed it to his patients. Today he lives with his wife in Creixell. Retired, but not retired. In fact, he continues to give wise advice through the articles he publishes every Friday in this Diari. By the way, today’s is number 100. He says that for personal reasons he will space more his writings. Let’s hope not much. Because yes, Dr. Bertran is an essential person.

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