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Dismantled a clandestine workshop in Creixell that handled stolen motorcycles

Agents of the Mossos d’Esquadra of the Investigation Unit of the Tarragona police station arrested a 32-year-old man last Monday in Creixell, as the alleged perpetrator of two robberies or theft of vehicle use. The next day, the entry and investigation of the premises allowed to prove the crimes of receipt and forgery of documents.

The investigation began a few weeks ago as a result of information that indicated the existence of a premises located on the Apia del Creixell road enabled as a workshop for motorcycles that could be stolen.

The investigators went last Monday to check and located a place with a person in a mechanic’s overalls who manipulated several motorcycles in a space set up as a workshop.

In this sense, the agents were surprised by the large number of pieces and parts of motorcycles that there were and they made checks with the chassis numbers of two motorcycles that were not in the process of being disassembled.

The two motorcycles were listed as stolen during the last weeks in the city of Barcelona. For this reason, the agents arrested the man who had a police record for motorcycle theft.

Faced with the possibility that there were more incriminating evidence in this clandestine workshop, the investigators requested authorization from the investigative court in charge of the Vendrell guard to make an entry and investigation, which was granted to be carried out the following day, Tuesday, by the afternoon.

It so happens that, in the period of time between the arrest and the judicial entry, a third motorcycle appeared parked in front of the clandestine workshop that was found to have been stolen last Sunday in Barcelona.

The entrance and investigation of the premises was carried out with the support of agents from the Tarragona Regional Traffic Area, specifically the members of the Research and Documentation Group. Once finished, it was possible to prove that there were signs of a dozen stolen motorcycles in the warehouse, a figure that could rise to eighteen since six chassis and engines with the frame number manipulated were also found. These are being analyzed to determine their origin.

The detainee spent Wednesday at the disposition of the court of investigation in functions of guard of the Vendrell and the judge decreed his freedom with charges.

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