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Dignity in defeat (Lleida 4-3 Calafell)

There are many ways to lose in sports. The most worthy is that of Calafell in the Copa del Rey. Because Ferran López’s men fell to Lleida, the host, but in a match in which they never let go. Not even with 3-0 against. They managed to match it, but Vives sentenced them from the penalty spot. Honor to them. Both in victory and in defeat.

Glimpsing a staging full of enthusiasm and intensity was the logical thing to do, especially on the part of Lleida. They did not disappoint because the people from Lleida entered a thousand revolutions with the memory of the defeat in the semi-finals of the Europe Cup in their heads. They went to all Absolutely unhinged. They quickly struck. Martí Casas sought an individual adventure that ended in tragedy. They stepped on the ball and there Lleida generated an offensive barrage that culminated in Benedetto. His final touch was as subtle as it was painful.

Ferrán López had to stop this context with a timeout. “We already know what this is about” or “not even God beats us at intensity” were the two clear messages that he sent to his people. He knew that either they matched the six gears or the butler’s dream could vanish in a short time. As hard as true.

His message made more sense when Lleida scored the second. Not even 10 minutes had passed and they already dominated 2-0. It was time to activate the heroic because if you wanted to be in the semifinals there was no other process. It was still possible to make things more complicated when Mendes braked too much and made a penalty less than a minute before the break. Andreu Tomàs, captain from Lleida, almost had the sentence in his hands, but he took the penalty wide and gave Calafell hope for the second half.

The output after the break was a statement from Calafell. If he died it would be on his feet. He managed to score, but with his body. Canceled. The notice was already given. The same situation occurred five minutes later. Another goal with the body of a Calafell who continued to proclaim war.

Bruno Di Benedetto almost finished burying Calafell’s hopes with a genius that misled Xano and surpassed him. The thing became almost impossible. Only a miracle could revive the Calafell. Xaus began the start of the incredible with a perfect free kick, taking advantage of Lleida’s tenth free kick. In case the faithful were missing, Xaus scored again in a shot of pure poison. 3-2, the meeting entered another scenario. The Calafell had a pulse again. He got up immediately with full life because Jan Escala made it 3-3. Amazing. In just five minutes they had equalized the score.

Oriol Vives pardoned the direct free kick, but not a penalty caused by Jepi Selva to put Lleida ahead again. Escala had the tie in the agony but he threw it up and Calafell died there.

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