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Detingut for stealing an electronic book and a tauleta

The Mossos d’Esquadra of the Gandesa police station are going to stop the passat on April 28, a 35-year-old man, I came from Badalona, ​​with a presumed author of a robbery with force inside a vehicle to Gandesa.

The fests will take place on the afternoon of the 28th, when the agents will be informed that there had been a robbery inside a vehicle parked at Carrer Mestre Joan Garde in Gandesa. The vehicle had a braided finish and the interior had an electronic tablet and an electronic booklet owned by an elderly couple who were visiting the location.

Thanks to the citizen collaboration, the agents will be able to obtain the description of the alleged author of the robbery, who, after carrying out the theft, had escaped to peu del lloc.

The investigation initiated by the Mossos d’Esquadra will allow the location of a tourist that circulated through the sources of the population occupied by two homes, one of which coincided with the description of the author of the robbery.

In l’escorcoll del sospitós the agents will locate a tool that is used for carving glass and carving safety belts in cases of emergency.

Next, the policies will also remove the interior of the vehicle and locate the electronic tablet and the electronic book that have been left behind, the reason for which the home will be left detingut.

The recovered effects will be returned to their legitimate owners.

The detingut will be posat at the disposal of the guard jutjat of Gandesa, on the 29th, and it is going to decree the seva llibertat amb càrrecs”.

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