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Destroyed a restaurant in Altafulla due to the waves

The terrace of the Voramar Cal Vitali restaurant in Altafulla has been destroyed due to the strong waves that the municipality’s beach has experienced this Saturday afternoon.

As pointed out Altafulla Radio and has confirmed Bombers de la Generalitat, the terrace has partially collapsed since part of the sand on which the construction sits has been engulfed. This imbalance has caused the aforementioned damage to the restaurant.

The Local Police has warned the owner of the premises around 2:00 p.m. not to use the terrace and, despite the fact that the activity has continued inside it, after an hour it has been impossible and it has been evicted.

Firefighters, together with the local police force, have inspected the place and have decided to seal it off in the absence of a new inspection being carried out this Sunday morning to assess the situation.

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