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Denounce that ExpoEbre deixa fora firaires

The reorganization of the Fira ExpoEbre, which is held in Tortosa from April 28 to May 1, involves a new location for the attractions and the fairs, right next to the Remolins pavilion. A smaller space than the previous one to the Parc de la Fira and that leaves behind a group of set or vuit firaires, which has shown its discomfort to the City Council. According to complaints, the change has been produced without informing the usual participants in the contest and the decision that yes, they may not be able to comply with “the unwritten norms of the sector, per antiquity,” he explains to the Diari one of the affects, Rafael Pérez.

Els firaires affectats is going to meet there with the councilman of Fires, Sisco Pepió, without arriving at the agreed cap. Amb tot, li demand that he reconsider his position, since they understand that hi has lloc enough per a tothom. “We have had two years of a pandemic in which we have not been able to work and trust in this fair to start and begin to leave this difficult period behind,” they affirm.

Tot and that they consider that the old location, at the entrance to the fair from the city in a park of gespa, was better than the planned one, they demand that it is replanning the spaces and it is possible to allocate part of the parking of the exhibitors to the attractions that have stayed outside. Així, they expect to return to Tortosa dilluns, moment in which it will begin to assemble the fair.

From the City Council of Tortosa it is remembered that the dialogue of the City Council is with the association that joins the companies that are dedicated to this activity, «with which they have been in contact from the general for the preparation of the fair ». “It is this association that manages the location of each attraction, based on its internal criteria”, he details.

The City Council also affirms that the reconfiguration of ExpoEbre seeks to donate a new impulse, while preserving the Parc de la Fira as a green zone in the Remolins neighborhood.

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