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Democracy and espionage | Tarragona Newspaper

We are not aware of a local or state problem. We are part of a new global order that centers the control of the world on information. I have information to spy on. Fins ara, who had the most weapons was the most powerful. Now, the veritable power is centered on the control of data and on the domain of information flows. The European Council for Foreign Relations (ECFR) will present the new year of power in the world. The ranking is not measured by the name of nuclear arsenals. It is measured by the name of satèl·lits that each country has. In the first place, there are the Estats Units with 218 satellites, followed by China with 125, Russia with 102 and França with 10. Spain in tea quatre. In 1980, one of the two most valuable companies in the world is dedicated to gas or oil. By 2021, the most productive firm deu sis is based on the digital sector. If there is a racó per a les reflections ètiques, ens hem to worry molt. Who was the president of the States Units, Thomas Jefferson, is going to say that «they can have information without democracy, but not that they have democracy without information». Això has been out of phase. Ara ens trobem que l’excés d’informació s’està carregant la democràcia.

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