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Cunit insists that the breakwaters cushion the storms

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The City Council of Cunit insists that its breakwaters parallel to the coast have minimized the impact of storms on their beaches.

Despite the fact that in neighboring municipalities such as Calafell they opt for naturalization to make the beaches more resistant and choose to eliminate stone barriers, in Cunit they defend their breakwaters with the belief that they serve to maintain the sandbanks.

Mayor Jaume Casañas points out that «once again we have a regression of the beach due to storms. Thanks to the breakwaters, our coastline has better withstood the impact of the waves than in other municipalities.”

Cunit is on the epending a decision on the future of the old port of the Cubelles thermal plant for which there are different options from total removal to leaving it as it is or just tearing down part of it. In that work it could also be determined to eliminate some of the Cunit breakwaters, to which the local council is opposed.

In the strategy to follow between placing artificial barriers or betting on naturalization to maintain the beaches is the guarantee of continuity of the coast. At stake is not only preserving what is the first containment barrier against storms, but also maintaining the main economic asset of the coast.

In addition to defending its breakwaters, Cunit also demands that the Ministry of Ecological Transition carry out a contribution of sand to recover the sediment dragged by storms.

However, the Ministry still has to decide where and when to add sand to the beaches most damaged by the storms. However, they will be complicated sincee the sediment is increasingly scarce and cannot be extracted from the seabed since it would suppose a strong impact for the submerged communities.

In any case, the contribution would not be made until the storm season had passed and the sand that could be poured would be washed away again.

The mayor of Cunit asks for a contribution of sand “to guarantee the summer season and, above all, a quality beach service that is what we want in the municipality».

Experts point out that should begin to consider another concept and treatment of the beach than the humanized and intended for exclusive use to hang towels.

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