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Cunit cedes the land for a new institute after adjusting the site for the equipment

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The municipal plenary session of Cunit will approve the transfer to the Department of Education of the Generalitat of a land for the construction of a new institute. The center is necessary due to the saturation of the current Ernest Lluch institute, which also has a high live enrollment during the year.

The consistory already decided in 2020 the transfer of the land of 9,032 m2 to Ensenyament in an area between the streets Mar Cantàbric and Bering Sea.

The cession, however, has not been exempt from political controversy since the opposition warned that the land that was ceded It consisted of two plots with a right of way that made it impossible for the Generalitat to receive the land.


In July of last year, the City Council fully accepted the free transfer of that land for the construction of the secondary school.

But in December last year the Generalitat warned that the servitude that one of the registry estates has should be eliminated and that in the event that it could not be done, the part that affects that easement should be segregated since the land should be free of charges and easements and group the two farms since the transfer should be from a single independent registry.


The processing required to requirements of the Generalitat It has caused a delay in the transfer of the ground until this April when the City Council has ratified Ensenyament the transfer of the land.

The site planned for the new institute of Cunit.

The ERC group, in opposition, regrets that for not having reviewed the characteristics of the property prior to the transfer so that they were in the urban conditions required by the institute, it has delayed the processing for a few months.


The party, in opposition, points out that the Cunit government team criticized that the Department of Education did not speed up the works for the necessary equipment to serve the growing population, «but instead it provided a ground without the necessary conditions.

Now, however, with the land transferred with all the conditions required by Ensenyamentthe start of the works for the construction of the new institute that the City Council and the educational community are demanding should not be delayed to face the population growth of Cunit that already exists but is also expected to continue in the coming years.

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