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The serious political crisis unleashed by the espionage scandal forces President Pedro Sánchez to take the bull by the horns if he does not want to be overwhelmed by a situation that seems out of control. The notable pressure exerted by United We Can and ERC forces the president to make drastic decisions, even if they are painful, if he does not want to turn the remainder of the legislature into a parliamentary Vietnam, with successive defeats in Congress, and a precarious scenario that could complicate a process of economic and employment recovery after the pandemic. A very muddy and unstable course.

Until now, Sánchez had accustomed us to pulling a rabbit out of a hat in the most difficult moments. But the current mess severely takes away his room for manoeuvre. Stunts and surprises are no longer enough. He moves on the edge of the knife, between the shadows of the intelligence services and, at the same time, the need to regain trust with the Esquerra Republicana, which seems very difficult. The seriousness of the ‘Pegasus case’ has exploded like an untimely time bomb.

He has to choose between his investiture partners or maintain his support for the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, and the director of the CNI, Paz Esteban, who have the backing of the entire center-right opposition. It is a very difficult crossroads, especially when the context is so delicate, on the eve of the NATO summit and in the midst of the war in Ukraine. Sánchez may have to frame his outcome in a more ambitious restructuring operation of the Executive and advance this readjustment, planned in principle for after the regional elections in Andalusia. But the foreseeable thing is that he does not do it now. However, it is not at all ruled out that he is forced to some range movement if he wants to maintain a minimum network of allies.

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