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Constantí regulates the use of electric scooters

The City Council of Constantí presented yesterday the new Ordinance of Citizen Coexistence, approved unanimously in the municipal plenary session last February and which entered into force weeks later. It is an update of the 2008 regulations in which the regulation of the use of electric scooters, the obligation to clean the urine of domestic animals with water and the adaptation of other regulations according to the changes in the state laws. “We thought it was convenient to modify the ordinance because things have changed a lot during these 14 years,” said the mayor of Constantí, Óscar Sánchez, who also wanted to highlight the fact that it was approved unanimously “after a lot of work and many meetings ».

In this sense, the new ordinance, with which the consistory has published a booklet to distribute among the residents of the municipality, has a total of 99 articles divided into nine chapters. Thus, the 67, completely new and referring to electric scooters, also known as personal mobility vehicles (VMP), establishes that the minimum age for their use is 15 years, only one person can circulate in them, they cannot be used neither under the influence of alcohol nor using electronic devices such as mobile phones, nor may they circulate on the sidewalks, among others. In this way, and according to the new sanctioning regime, riding the scooters recklessly or against the direction will be considered a very serious offense and the fine will be 1,200 euros; the majority of infractions will be serious infractions, with a sanction of 600 euros; and not respecting the 1.5 meter distance from pedestrians or facades or parking in unauthorized areas will be considered minor offenses and will entail a financial fine of 200 euros.

In relation to the increase in the use of scooters in recent years, the Sergent Cap of the Constantí Local Police, Lluís Molina, pointed out that during this time “we have already been fining infractions based on the general traffic regulations, as has been could be the fact of circulating on the sidewalks or in the opposite direction. The change is that now we will be able to sanction through our own municipal ordinance, which has been agreed upon by the plenary.” However, Molina assured that “from my perspective, electric scooters are not a problem, and in fact today we are finding that users of these vehicles are increasingly aware, although there are still infractions.”

For his part, Sánchez commented that “the new ordinance includes a little all the areas related to coexistence in public spaces and between neighbors”, and added that “we also try with this to show the coordination and participation of neighbors in the preservation of the public space, because we do pedagogy but we also make a call to the citizens because we know that together we can make Constantí a better municipality in terms of coexistence and security». The presentation of the ordinance was also attended by Alfonso Riscos, Councilor for Security, and Dolors Fortuny, Councilor for Education. However, it is planned to carry out campaigns so that this new civility regulation reaches all residents through municipal entities and the schools and institutes of Constantí.

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