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Consensus in the Nissan Reindustrialization Commission on the public tender for the management of Nissan land in the Free Trade Zone that unravels the process

The efforts of the members of the committee are focused on accelerating the future implementation of the electromobility hub in its future activity at the Montcada i Reixac plant for its stamping and component production processes; in addition to the rest of its activity in the Free Zone; where the company Silence will also be integrated.

All the members of the commission have worked actively in recent weeks on the aspects of negotiating industrial assets, the social sphere and public incentives, showing consensus on the viability of the plans presented by the electromobility hub and Silence. Talks between all parties will intensify in the coming days, with the aim of reaching a framework agreement soon. In this sense, next week the Commission will hold a meeting with Silence to close the last details of the final agreement.

In relation to the proposal of the Free Trade Zone Consortium, made at the last meeting of the commission held last March, on the management of the land through a single operator, today’s commission meeting has served to give a step forward.

The commission has agreed on the key points of the public tender for sole operators for the management of the Free Zone land, which will allow a proposal to be made by the end of June, in order to accelerate the last steps that will allow reaching an upcoming reindustrialization agreement .

“The last details of Silence and the maintenance of the Nissan Technological Center are advancing, and progress is being made on a calendar and clear actions that seek to guarantee the solvency of the remaining projects,” said the Ministry’s Secretary General for Industry and SMEs. of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Raül Blanco.

“The consensus achieved around the bidding formula for the management of the Free Zone land, as well as its execution schedule, represent an important advance in the resolution of the reindustrialization of Nissan that makes us optimistic. It has been months of intense work of all the actors at the table, and today we are beginning to see the first results”, explained the Secretary for Business and Competitiveness of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Albert Castellanos.

“The consensus expressed today within the commission is one more example of the desire of all the parties to take the definitive steps towards the final reindustrialization agreement and the culmination of a process that has to ensure the maintenance of jobs with an industrial solution. Now we must accelerate these steps to ensure the start-up of these industrial projects as soon as possible”, said Frank Torres, executive regional vice president of Business Transformation and relations with the Alliance for the AMIEO region and responsible for Operations Nissan industrial in Spain.

The General Secretary for Industry and SMEs of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Raül Blanco, participated in yesterday’s meeting; the Secretary for Business and Competitiveness of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Albert Castellanos; the General Director of Industry of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Natàlia Mas; the sub-delegate of the Government in Catalonia, Carles Prieto; the Director of Operations and representative of Nissan in the Commission, Josep Maria Monllor; the head of Nissan’s Industrial Operations in Spain, Frank Torres; the special delegate of the State in the Consortium of the Free Zone of Barcelona (CZFB), Pere Navarro, and members of the four union organizations with representation in the Company Committees of the centers of the Free Zone of Barcelona, ​​Montcada i Reixac, Sant Andreu de la Barca and NDS. KPMG has been represented by Ignacio Crespo, director of strategy and transformation.

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