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Connected vehicles will save 11,000 lives and prevent 260,000 accidents each year

Vehicle connectivity is one of the most worked and studied aspects by the automotive sector. The interest in its development is to generate a safer, smarter and more comfortable vehicle for the user. At least the first factor is almost guaranteed. According to the Grant Thornton study, connected vehicles will save 11,000 lives and prevent 260,000 accidents each year.

The report has been presented within the framework of the celebration of the III Observatory of Sustainable Mobility of Spain and is entitled ‘Sustainable mobility of the future and its impact on the SDGs’. The connected car is not a thing of the future. As reported, there are currently more than 51 million connected vehicles, with 5G or Artificial Intelligence (AI), worldwide.

A figure that will clearly increase as the years go by. By 2025 it is expected that there will be more than 500 million connected vehicles in circulation and that by 2030 connected vehicle services will reach a value of 75,000 million euros.

In addition to their contribution to road safety, connected cars will also save 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and 280 million hours of driving. A great commitment to sustainable mobility and the effectiveness of drivers’ time.

Features and challenges

Vehicles with this type of connectivity today allow different functionalities such as assistance in an emergency; collection of useful information on the state of the road and the environment; information on efficient driving; greater safety on the road…

But not everything are advantages. These types of vehicles also face significant challenges. And not because of the development of technology, but because of the redesign of cities, the installation of sensors and radars, or the need for a legal framework to regulate this new reality.

In spite of everything, it is estimated that in ten years 40% of road mileage will be carried out by vehicles of these characteristics. From Faconauto Seguridad Vial we want to value the important role of the dealer so that users know how the new technological features of the vehicles work. It should be remembered that in the last stage of the sales process, dealers must explain in detail each and every one of the functions that the car has.

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