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Complaints from the Baix Penedès about the effects on the train

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This week’s incidents in the Cercanías railway network of Barcelona, ​​where the Baix Penedès is located, has motivated the Consell Comarcal require the Generealitat to make the necessary investments to avoid incidents that cause delays.

Despite the fact that the most serious incidence occurred in the Maresme area, this week the R4 (inland with Sant Vicenç, El Vendrell and L’Arboç) has also been affected.

The train is a essential communication channel in the Baix Penedès for thousands of citizens that they must travel to Barcelona every day and that many cannot use the vehicle due to the restriction of access to the city for the most polluting.

That’s why already in 2020 the region requested an increase in frequencies in both R4 and R2 Sur (coast) if the objective is to increase users in public transport to move to the city.

Renfe already said that there was no room for more frequencies on those lines. It is the Generalitat that must order the service but while in areas such as Baix Penedès, without a fast, reliable and cheap transport alternative, any incident on the train affects thousands of citizens.

“It cannot be that when four drops fall we are left without commuter transport when thousands of people from Baix Penedès depend on the train every day to go to work in Barcelona and many to come to the region,” says the president of the Regional Council, Joan Sans, who regrets the lack of investment in the line and that there is not even an improvement project.

Baix Penedès remember that it is part of the Barcelona metropolitan area, but it is not taken into account in the design of mobility policies.

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