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Complaints about the “slowness” of the works in the Antoni Correig square in Reus

The pace of execution of the works of the Antoni Correig square in the Mare Molas neighborhood is being a “concern” for some businesses and residents of the area. “The remodeling is necessary, we expected it, but progress is frankly slow,” says restaurateur Israel Medina, in charge of the Bar Restaurant Bon Profit, with its terrace in the same square. The one that was the most voted proposal in the Pressupostos Participatius of 2019, he recalls, “has paralyzed the activity of terraces like mine,” he laments.

He points out that the rates of this “remain intact despite this, even when the square is one of the attractions for the clientele in the area, many families come”. He explains as a reminder, that “not even with the arrival of Covid, did we have help.” The billing on the terrace “has practically dropped to zero in our case.” Therefore, they ask for speed or help to pay taxes. Some neighbors and businesses consulted have also shown some discomfort at being nearby. Some time ago, even –and without any settlement being started–, there were business owners who complained about the dust and the danger of the park, which had not yet been dismantled at the time.

One of the promoters of the 2019 Pressupostos Participatius project, Jordi Clua, says that “when the works began they were very fast and in a matter of about four days when they brought benches and part of the slides, the material was left in place unmounted, and that was a month ago. Just yesterday, I saw that they did some work, but everything is very stopped. There are annoying businesses.

Municipal sources consulted state that the works we are dealing with are within the stipulated period: first, the dismantling of the children’s games was carried out, which must be replaced, and the same sources comment, too, that perhaps little movement will be seen because great part of the contract is the supply of new playground equipment. When they arrive, they announce, the paving and the rest of the project will be installed and completed. The area, on the other hand, has to be closed for security reasons until the works are finished, they point out.

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