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On July 29, the ‘Festival of Consciousness’ will be held in Barcelona, ​​an attractive and necessary event given the lack of spirituality that is breathed everywhere, companies included. I will have the pleasure of participating as a speaker, with some reflections on creativity and education.

But should companies be ‘spiritual’? Well I think yes. In fact, an organization without a focus beyond what is merely material or economic has its days numbered. It should be clarified that spirituality is not the same as religion or religiosity. We are spiritual when we are convinced that there is life beyond mechanics, matter and what is merely observable and perceptible. And when we spend some time, even if it is short, to try to connect with all that, starting from our inner world to project ourselves towards the cosmic consciousness.

Frederic Laloux, in his monumental work Reinventing Organizations, already spoke to us about the need for people to be able to experience this dimension in their companies and gave us numerous examples: daily meditation practices, the development of evolutionary purposes that give meaning to the company, activities of empathy and connection, dissolution of egos, etc.

Soon there will be no more people who want to work just for money, that’s old fashioned

Because companies are much more than products, services, processes and profits. They are also made up of illusions, hopes, friendships, relationships and utopias. I believe that companies that know how to combine the material with the spiritual go much further, they endow themselves with their own energy that projects them into the future. We need companies that make money, it’s true. And the more, the better. But we also need companies that want to change the world and turn this poor planet into a place worth living in.

Soon there will be no more people who want to work just for money. That’s old fashioned. People want fun, collaboration, projects, creativity, passion. Can all companies provide these essential elements to build a certain spirituality?
At Singularity University they call that Mass Transformative Purpose. That is, the desire to positively impact the world. This is what TED did with its eighteen-minute talks, what the Catalan company Heura Foods does with its desire to shake up the current food system, or what Patagonia has been doing for decades, to name just a few examples.

Those of us who defend the values ​​of spirituality in business, science and, in general, in society, are still a minority. “I only believe in what I can see and touch” still abound. But things are changing little by little. The terrible war in Ukraine and collateral phenomena such as shortages and rising prices of many products and services make us see that we are not doing well if we continue doing business as usual. Materialism is dead, also in business.

Franc Ponti, Professor of Innovation at EADA Business School.

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