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take care, insurance consulting and brokerage based in Reus specializing in the business sector, has just opened new office in Madridfrom where it plans to direct its expansion in the rest of Spainafter achieving a prominent position in Catalonia in the corporate market segment.

credit insurance, caution, civil liability, property damage, cyber insurance, liability insurance for directors and officers… even kidnapping insurance for workers abroad. Any risk coverage need that a company may have has a tailor-made solution in this brokerage founded in Reus in 1997.

In it, credit insurance has experienced a growth for a little over a decade that has led them to be among the top ten brokers in Spain in this area, to the point of now launching a specific brand, creditbroker, dedicated to this market segment, which the new office in Madrid will help expand.

«In the year 2010 -explains Felix Oliva, CEO of Protecto-, in the midst of the crisis, we realized that bad debts were a very important problem for companies in Spain, and we specialized in companies with credit insurance».

«In Spain -continues Fèlix Oliva- there are about 14,000 insurance brokers, but credit specialists will not reach forty, and we are among the top ten in Spain and sixth in Catalonia, where the main brokerages are concentrated».

With some 21 million euros in intermediated premiums in 2021, 75% of its turnover is concentrated in the company segment, where 50% is credit insurance, while the remaining 25% is private, although with a weight very important number of company owners and directors among these clients.

The road from cars to default insurance

  • trucks and transportation In 1997, an insurance brokerage in Lleida approached Grup Oliva, based in Reus and dedicated to the vehicle sales sector, to offer to be its local partner in the commercialization of insurance for companies, founding Protego. Insurance for trucks and transport companies were Protego’s specialization in those early years, until, in 2010, the Oliva family acquired 50% of the shares of its partner in this insurance brokerage, already promoting a new stage alone .
  • credit insurance Arriving at 2010 and in the midst of a financial crisis, Protego is committed to offering solutions to the risk of business default, specializing in credit insurance and today ranking among the top ten brokerage firms in Spain in this market segment.
  • Credit Broker With credit insurance as a prominent activity and an offer with products from up to 56 different insurers, some of them highly specialized in business solutions, Protego has just launched the Credit Broker brand, through which it brings together its credit insurance, in parallel to the opening of a new office in Madrid, led by Almudena Verástegui. Today, Protego employs twenty specialized professionals, of which five are in the credit area, with 21 million euros in intermediated premiums in 2021.


Today, with a 95% of its private customers concentrated in the Tarragona region, the business segment has barely 20% of the value of intermediated premiums in the Tarragona region, while another 50% is found in the rest of Catalonia and a further 30% in other parts of Spain. With the new commitment to the Credit Broker brand and an office in Madrid, they trust that growth in the rest of the State will skyrocket.

In this regard, Fèlix Oliva is convinced that “credit insurance will continue to grow, both in absolute values ​​and in weight within the brokerage because, although the insurance sector is very mature and now there is also competition from banks, when you talk about credit insurance, the company is extraordinarily receptive, especially those that are often in the hands of generalist brokerages».

Specialization and personalized attention is the basis on which they base their value contribution. «The people who are in the world of credit at Protego -explains Fèlix Oliva- are specialists in this field, with profiles of auditor, analyst… Credit insurance is nothing like other insurance, where the next contact after contracting a policy is always the communication of a claim or the renewal of the following contract. In our case, it is different: here it is service”.

«Success -explains Fèlix Oliva- we measure it in the percentage of the client portfolio covered by insurance. If, as an insurance broker, you get 60% of the client portfolio of a company covered by credit insurance to go up to 80%, that is our success».

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