Collection of signatures for some goodies that create social alarm in Vilaverd

Vilaverd was concerned about some goodies that in a few days they would mossegar a girl of vuit anys -the girl from the company of the love of animals- and that they would escape from the house alive, creating social alarm among the veïnat. The signatures are yet to be published -there are now 120, in a municipality of 445 inhabitants- to urge the City Council to take measures dins de les seves competències.

According to the veïns, on several occasions they have had to sort out currents due to the presence of these gossos on public roads, defecating. What is not clear is that they follow from a potentially dangerous race according to the list of the Generalitat- ja that some are creuats.

But the fet that has promoted this campaign will take place on May 4, when one of the three gossos will mossegar the girl from the farm, located in the town center. The victim will be transported to the Pius Hospital de Valls. Quant tot havia ja passat, a person is going to report the fets to the Mossos d’Esquadra.

That same day in the afternoon, a patrol will go to the home of the owner of the animals and will demand the documentation of the dogs.

The agents van veure that there were three gossos, one of which the author of the mossegada, with the master himself will recognize. Els mossos li van dir que fins que no estigués tot clarify that the animals do not sort from the farm.

Two days later, the owner of the animals will appear at the police station of the Mossos. He is going to carry the documentation of two gossos, but not the one that the mossegada had, disobeying the instructions that they had donated the agents. L’home is going to say that he had donated the gos to another person. It is going to be denounced for an infraction of tinença of potentially dangerous gossos, a denúncia that will be sent to the City Hall.

criminal proceedings

It seems that, in parallel, criminal proceedings have been opened due to a criminal injury due to imprudence brought by the mossegada to the girl, even though the minor’s mother has not filed a complaint.

The owner of the animals was recently in Vilaverd, on his own he bought a house. They said that when he had the gossos, he was the bearer of death and senseless, defecant with impunity. Afegeixen that it is also poden veure bordant insistentment al balcony -amb una barana no gaire alta- of the darrera part of the house. A veí indicated to the Diari that there the mossos are going to return to the house but they are not going to find the love.

They see that the City Council applied the municipal ordinances to the owner of the gossos, just like the rest of the residents in the municipality.

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