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Climate shelters | Tarragona Newspaper

In a few days, the news broke of the partial collapse of a restaurant in Platja d’Altafulla due to the ravages of the takeovers, which had caused the pain that part of the building had endured.

Last summer, the firefighters cap donated the evacuation order of all the firefighters acting to the fire in Santa Coloma de Queralt, due to the pyrocumulonimbus that had been formed and that threatened the security of the firefighters, a dels indicis dels temuts incendis de sisena generació.

The rise in sea level predicts the disappearance of 60% of the delta de l’Ebre by 2050, as shown in the escape room promoted by the Diputació de Tarragona on climate change and that during the propers mesos will be able to experience als vostres municipis.

These are just three examples of the consequences of the climatic crisis at home, a crisis that has lasted for decades, acting unconsciously against the environment that surrounds and affects the natural balance, in some cases, amb molta severitat i amb difficult reversibilitat.

Nor have we been fully aware of the seriousness of the crisis when extreme drought has passed through the heart of Africa or the storms have brought thousands of vines to South East Asia; Ens queia massa lluny with bidding two or three graus l’air conditioning, walking more to minimize the use of the private vehicle or advance towards an inevitable energy transition in an orderly and balanced way but convinced and determined. But now in patim the consequences in the first person, and the reality pool will be more forceful every time, forcing us to run to catch a temps that we don’t have.

Ens trobem davant d’a global repte that cal confront in a transverse and urgent way from all the areas that we are still capable of. From the public administrations we have to lead these courageous and transformative policies that involve real changes to adapt to the consequences of the climate crisis, as well as adaptation and mitigation policies and dispose of the necessary resources to face them. I sincerely believe that the Diputació de Tarragona is a great example, since in four years we have multiplied per cent the resources that we allocate to face areas such as forestry management or energy transition, while technically accompanying the territory to advance together in a direction that will require a lot of effort, that presents contradictions and costs, but that is the only possible one.

Però tot això will be molt insufficient if the conjuration is not collective. It is not about veure qui fa què or d’assenyalar-us mutuament seeking responsabilitats, but to donate the million of each one of nosaltres. Parlem, ara más que mai, de bé comú, y si no som capaços d’understand-ho y d’act en conseqüència, jointly and severally assuming the necessary costs, anem-nos familiaritzant amb concepts com «climatic refugees», since it will probably be molt It will be the heritage that we leave to our fills and filles and we don’t deserve it.

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