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‘Climate change’ causes an unprecedented motion of censure in Altafulla

Everything accelerated on a bleak Sant Jordi afternoon, when the persistent waves like a Malayan drop managed to weaken the sand that supported the terrace of a restaurant on the seafront. And the structure collapsed as it lost its mud foundation.

Beyond discussing the suitability of a terrace without solid foundations (in an area that should no longer be operational), the truth is that the damage to Cal Vitali has served as a justification for a large part of the Altafulla political opposition that will unify forces and has presented a motion of censure, which will be voted on in ten days.

Beyond the political right to propose a change of government at any time during the legislature, it is surprising that it is for an environmental reason that encourages the motion, although the arguments that accompany the waves are political inaction to deal with the storms.

Alternativa Altafulla published in its magazine this week that “a government cannot stop the tides or climate change”, but “it can work to have alternatives and reduce the effects as long as possible”. The main opposition party accuses the current EINA-ERC government (in a minority since the summer) that it is “asleep” and does not react to the storm. Thus, the collapse of the terrace has been the straw that breaks the camel’s back to ecdhar the Republicans of the Mayor’s Office in the absence of a year to finish the legislature.

The motion was leaked on Monday and filed on Tuesday. The inaction of the government in the face of the regression of the beaches, the anger of the tourist businessmen at the absence of sand at Easter… The only thing missing was the collapse of the terrace to justify that the local policy against storms was insufficient.

Except for the PSC, which has wanted to remain on the sidelines, the rest of the parties –Alternativa Altafulla, Junts per Altafulla, ARA Altafulla and the non-attached councilor Xavier Rofas– signed and presented their candidacy to replace the current government with seven points on their list of route, the main one being a shock plan to recover the beach. The question is how to recover a beach that has been enduring a more or less aggressive swell for a month and a half.

According to the State Coast Service, the short-term solution is to replenish the sand when the storm season ends (at the end of May) and, on the other hand, to prepare an updated study of the currents and the changes recorded in the recent years between Torredembarra and Tarragona.

The current Altafulla government has explained each time it has been attacked for alleged inaction in managing the storm that “work has been done in this legislature with experts to study the behavior of the sea and coastline and propose strategies to act coherently” .

And this past Friday, in an attempt to appear more united than ever, Altafulla’s Republicans surrounded themselves with friends, sympathizers and even neighboring mayors to show resistance to the last wave that is expected on the 10th. “You cannot use a climatic misfortune to achieve a political benefit”, argued Mayor Jordi Molinera in his speech.

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