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Civil guards warn: reopening borders with Morocco can cause chaos

The Professional Justice Association for the Civil Guard (Jucil), the majority in the body, has warned today about the “chaos” that the imminent reopening of the border with Morocco, closed for more than two years by the pandemic.

In a statement, Jucil fears that this reopening of border posts on land and the passage of travelers and vehicles through the ports of both autonomous cities will be accompanied by “new jumps” over the border fences of thousands of sub-Saharan immigrants who have remained since months ago on the Moroccan side.

Jucil highlights that both the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, and the Director General of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, promised during their visit to Melilla to increase the number of troops and adapt the riot gear to this type of situation, together with the repair of the fence in those sections where it is easier to jump due to the lack of elements that hinder this step. “None of those things have happened.

The fence has not been repaired, in which there are areas where the inverted combs are missing, through which the jump is easier, nor has the workforce been expanded, which must now be divided between those who carry out their service in Citizen Security and those who have to control in the Fiscal Service in the port” summarizes the Jucil spokesman, Agustí Leal.

Leal indicates that more than 3,000 sub-Saharan immigrants are concentrated on Mount Gurugú, on the other side of the Melilla fence, waiting for an opportunity to attempt a new massive jump over the fence of this autonomous city. “We want to make it very clear that Jucil is not against immigration, but we believe that this immigration process must be carried out in an orderly, documented manner and with the application of measures and conditions that avoid a knock-on effect on those people who now know that , if they exercise violence and achieve their goal of crossing the fence, with this attitude they will achieve the prize of being able to move freely throughout Spain,” he warned.

Jucil claims that “no less” than 200 more agents are needed in Ceuta and Melilla. Given these circumstances, Jucil asks the Government to study deploying the army to reinforce and guarantee security through border crossings with troops currently stationed in Ceuta and Melilla.

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