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Ciutat de Repòs: from «racism» to «lack of information»

The result of the popular consultation in Boscos last Saturday has generated pros and cons among the formations with a presence in the Saló de Plens. The parties critical of the youth hostel project endorse the clear 95% of the referendum, while those who defend it attack the question put to the neighbors, which cites that young people “with psycho-social problems” will be located at the Llevant site. The CUP, for its part, criticizes both the question and the “lack of information” that residents have.

Sandra Ramosspokesman for PSC, it is clear. “The result shows the concern of the neighbors about a project that both the Generalitat and the City Council have been unable to count” indicates the socialist mayor, while being forceful: “people are fed up with being sold smoke”.

The 647 votes against the project, for the 30 in favor, do not generate any doubt in Citizens. «It has become very clear what the will of the neighbors is. Perhaps, it is time for the mayor and the Generalitat to listen to the will of the neighbors at some point, ”says the leader of the orange formation in Plaça de la Font, Lorraine of the Source.

Jose Luis Martin (PP) accelerates to lead the opposition to the youth hostel. “We hope that Ricomà pays attention to the citizen participation that he talked about so much when he was in the opposition”, and he sticks out his chest remembering that “the PP has been the only party that, from the first moment, positioned itself against the project”.

In contrast, the cup it was yesterday the only party of the municipal executive that valued the consultation. “The result comes from a question that is already biased at the base, stigmatizing youth, with a campaign behind it with racist and xenophobic connotations,” says the spokeswoman, Eve Michael, who emphasizes that “the underlying problem has been the lack of a proper participatory process proposed by the administration from the beginning.” For this reason, he considers that “a project that is now imposed on us from Barcelona and that has not met the needs of the neighborhood could have been influenced from here.” Alea iacta est.

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