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CB Salou will play for promotion to LEB Plata in Gandía

The Delegate Commission of the FEB appointed Huelva (Andalusian Basketball Federation) and UPB Gandía as organizers of the final phases of the EBA League 2021/221. From May 12 to 14, the six places for promotion to participate in the LEB Plata next season will be determined between both cities.

Each of the groups will be divided into two subgroups of four teams each. These four clubs will play each other under the league system from Thursday May 12 to Saturday May 14. The first classified of each of the four subgroups will be promoted. The two remaining places will be awarded to the two winners of the matches played on Sunday May 16 between the second classified.

CB Salou is framed in subgroup 3 together with the host team UPB Gandía. The other two teams that will accompany them remain to be decided. In the absence of a day in conference B, Pozuelo is the rival that has the most numbers to accompany the Costa Daurada team and Gandía. While the last team that will go in Subgroup 3 will come out of the Final Phase of conference A that takes place this weekend. Mondragón, Reino de León, Obradoiro Silleda and Baskonia are the four groups in contention. One of them will compete against the team from Tarragona for one of the tickets for the third category of state basketball.

Salou will seek the historic leap that the club has been weaving for many years with a solid project led by coach Jesús Muñiz.

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