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CB Salou overwhelms Girona B and gets its ticket to the final phase

The plan worked perfectly. CB Salou had a relatively placid game, given the entity of its rival, and got the long-awaited place for the final phase of promotion to LEB Plata. The tranquility did not come from a bad game by Girona B, who tried to beat the Salouenses with all their weapons. It was the perfect execution of Jesús Muñiz’s plan by his players that deactivated the Girona team. The team from the capital of the Costa Daurada kept a cool head at times when the Girona subsidiary was more attentive in defense, countering it with great success from the perimeter and patience in abundance to find space.

Although if we talk about a great evening, it is inevitable to mention the name of Artur Alaminos. The Salou player played an exceptional match. Triples, recoveries that triggered quick transitions or that virtue that he has of always being well placed on the defensive rebound. 19 points, 11 rebounds and a PIR of 32.

A triple by Adrià Aragonès opened the scoring. A basket that already hinted that the salouense pavilion, practically full, was going to be a pressure cooker. The people from Girona responded with a two plus one and a fast counter. Transitions were one of the facets that Muñiz wanted to control to stop Girona B and they succeeded. In fact, this was one of the only ones that they were able to shoot comfortably, since the Salouenses managed to fall back quickly every time they lost the ball.

It was in the first few minutes that Salou shot more than three pointers, against the rocky defense of Girona. Alaminos did not miss the good shooting position of three and scored three triples in a row that put his team ahead (13-12).

Baltà and Moreno bit when the visiting defense began to open up and Ngomo started his recital in the paint. Two of his points closed the first period (19-17) and he himself made sure that the rhythm did not drop in the second. His witness was picked up by CJ Barksdale, who also wreaked havoc on the opposing defense, unable to stop him as he turned and took the shot.

Salou was comfortable on the court, reaching a nine-point difference (36-27). On the contrary, Girona B had more and more problems scoring with the ease of the first minutes of the match. Only the quality of Espinosa closed the gap before the break. Completely overwhelmed, the Girona star took a shot out of nowhere to make it 36-29 at halftime.

As was the case in the first half, Aragonès also opened the scoring after passing through the changing rooms. For his part, Ngomo created the spaces to bleed Girona in the inside game. Visitors had serious problems to reduce differences in light. Salou was having a great third period and maintained an advantage of between seven and nine points that seemed like a world for the Girona team. The team grew with each successful play. In one of them, Alaminos closed the door on Espinosa and began an unstoppable gallop for Aragonès to finish the play (46-37).

Total control

The downtime that the visitors asked for to reorder the team was of little use. Salou was a tireless hammer. It is difficult to remember a moment in which Muñiz’s men were disconnected. Especially in the second half, in which they showed a very solid profile. Before the end of the second period, CJ placed the eleven difference (54-43), which confirmed the good moment.

Despite the local domain, Girona B came out at the last time compactly behind. It was difficult for the Salouenses to score against a defense that was biting again as in the first minutes. With almost three minutes elapsed, Baltà arrived to score and open the duel again. In addition, the rojiblanco subsidiary added another setback, beyond its inferiority on the parquet. A spin by Larry Ewulu with Gifreu left the Girona man with a sore shoulder and he had to leave the game.

With the advantage on the scoreboard, Salou also found more spaces on the counterattack to destroy their rival. Aragonès put on his boots on more than one occasion in which he went to the kitchen to score, with mate included. The pavilion was a party. On the contrary, Girona was knocked out and had also lost its great star. Espinosa sprained his ankle in the final stretch and could not finish the game either.

To close the fantastic afternoon, Baltà and Alaminos received a standing ovation from their fans. The pavilion recognized the great season of the two team banners, who left the pitch with a heartfelt hug from the coach.

The comfortable victory by 73-57 allows Salouenses to get into that final phase, in which they will face the best teams from the rest of the confederations. The challenge is enormous, but the aura that surrounds this team gives rise to dream.

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