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Catalonia will appeal the interlocutory of the TSJC on the execution of 25% of Spanish

The Minister of Education of the Generalitat, Josep Gonzàlez-Cambray, announced this Monday that the Catalan Executive will present an appeal for reconsideration to the interlocutory of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) on the execution of 25% of Spanish, which has qualified of “aberrant” at a pedagogical and legal level.

He has said it in a media attention after the TSJC has ordered the Ministry of Education to execute in a maximum of 15 days the sentence that obliges to teach at least 25% of teaching hours in Spanish, in which it has considered that the Assembly for the Bilingual School (AEB) is not entitled to urge the execution.

In addition, the Minister has said that the court exceeds its limits by “emphasizing how a sentence must be executed”, which he has said that he cannot do, and has indicated that the legal services of the Generalitat had not met before before that situation. Gonzàlez-Cambray has highlighted that two of the magistrates of the court have issued a private opinion in which they consider that the interlocutory “has no legal basis”, for which they will present an appeal for reversal before this decision of the TSJC.

Peace of mind for teachers

He has appealed for calm to the Catalan directors and teachers, who must “continue to do their job and not change anything”, and has assured that the Government will provide legal coverage for the defense of the Catalan school model. The Minister has emphasized the plan to promote Catalan in education so that there is a greater presence of this language in the classroom and the decree that he is preparing to “reaffirm” the school model in Catalonia and the linguistic projects of the centers.

Cambray has maintained that it is an “important moment for the country”, and has demanded the maximum political, social and pedagogical consensus to defend the Catalan school model.

Asked if the modification of the language policy law that is proposed in Parliament could be one of the ways, he reiterated that it is a very important moment and that what must be done is to add and seek maximum consensus: “The more initiatives, the better. The more we add in favor of the Catalan school model, forward”.

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