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Catalonia announces a reduction in university prices

The Minister of Research and Universities, Gemma Geis, has announced that “there will be a drop in university prices” next year, despite the fact that she has not specified figures because, in her words, the Government is finishing defining the decree.

In an interview on La 2 and Ràdio 4 this Friday, he celebrated that next week in Parliament an ILP “that comes from below, from the citizens” and that is agreed with all the unions, students and entities, will be debated. in his opinion.

“We must continue to advance so that no one who wants to go to university cannot do so for economic reasons,” he stated, and has opted to promote salary scholarships.

Asked about the job insecurity of university professors and researchers, she advocated the repeal of the replacement fee for universities and promoting hiring mechanisms in which a structural researcher “can have minimum conditions to be able to work with peace of mind” despite to change the research project.

alleged espionage

Geis has criticized the government’s response to the alleged espionage of more than 60 leaders, activists and lawyers linked to independence through the Pegasus program: “Declarations to the media is not enough.” “It is evident that at a political level I cannot go to Madrid to negotiate with someone who does not assume responsibility for breaking the most basic guarantees of democracy, which is espionage on political dissidence,” he said after canceling a planned meeting on Tuesday with the Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant.

For this reason, it has demanded that, in addition to assuming said responsibilities, there be an investigation commission, as requested by various parties in Congress and the Senate. He has underlined the relevance of the independence unit in the response to the alleged espionage, has assured that they will support the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, in demanding political responsibilities and has urged him to remain in “this position”.

Asked about the validity of the candidacy for the 2030 Winter Olympics, she referred to the fact that Aragonès assured that the project was maintained and that at the moment the technical aspects are being worked on: “We will see how all this ends”. She has also expressed doubts about “if there is a will on the part of the Government of Aragon” to carry out the candidacy and has defended the call for consultation in the Pyrenees.

independence strategy

He has asked the pro-independence forces for “generosity” to weave a strategic direction –in his words– and has held the press conference held in the European Parliament with representatives of the entities, Junts, ERC and the CUP, whom he has questioned directly. “I continue to defend that we have to agree with the CUP again to move forward, and the CUP must want to agree with us again, we have to put elements on the table again to find these fits with the CUP and with ERC “, he stated.

Thus, he has opted to “begin to divide and fragment the main objective” of the pro-independence forces and, in his words, take steps to gain confidence and solidity.


Asked by the Congress of Junts, he has assured that “this is not about names, it is about a project” and has claimed that the appointment serves to strengthen the formation and, ultimately, win the elections.

“Together we have to hold a Congress that strengthens it, with a common project and be very aware that if we don’t win elections everything that many of us defend we won’t have the capacity to apply it,” he warned, and asked to explain more about his own strategy and set up a clearer path.

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