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Carlos Sobera: «You have to dedicate time and listening to people on the street»

The television popularity of Carlos Sobera (Baracaldo, 1960) does not prevent him from shining in the world of theater with the play Assassins We Are All, which this Sunday will close a year and a half tour at the Tarraco Arena.

He has always commented that he would like to have a theater.

Well, more management than anything else. What happens is that in his day the owner only sold it and I decided to buy it. When I had a good opportunity, I sold it, but I continue as a tenant in the management of the Reina Victoria programming, which is what I really like, being a theater manager.

And what does that facet offer you?

Among other things, making an attractive program with humility and always premiering with Spanish artists who normally do not have the opportunity to find theaters. I cost a lot today, because entrepreneurs bet on productions that allow them not to risk much of their money.

Murderers we are all is a creation of Pentación Espectaculos, its production company.

We are producing at an intense level, we are delighted with this work, because the cast of actors and actresses helps a lot. Neus Asensi is fantastic and is experiencing a spectacular moment, Elisa Matilla has become an absolute master of comedy and Ángel Pardo’s resume is impressive. Sharing the stage with them is a privilege.

What changes between the Carlos Sobera actor and the television presenter?

The difference is that, as an actor, the technique leads you to the result of the character you have to play. As a presenter, on TV, you are more yourself.

Does body to body with the public of the theater attract you?

The public that goes to a theater has to pay a ticket, be it a larger or smaller amount, and that is already an admirable act of will. That impact relationship between the audience and the actors and actresses unites a lot, there is usually an impressive complicity.

Is it hard to tour for a year and a half?

Normally no, tours are exciting, but this time we have had to endure the effects of the pandemic and that led us to perform with reduced capacity. Seeing the theaters at 50 percent of the public generated a bit of emptiness, of sadness, but now, luckily, we are enjoying ourselves again.

You have become a prime time predator. He’s a restless ass, he runs away from routine, right?

If you always do the same program, passion may become routine and that’s the worst thing that could happen to me. The beauty comes when people ask themselves the question, “What is he doing hosting this show?” That feeling of surprise for me becomes vital. Getting pigeonholed takes away opportunities.

His mastery of non-verbal communication on shows sets him apart. Can a gesture or a look say more than a word?

Do not have the slightest doubt. I learned that when I was in Do you want to be a millionaire? To create tension it was not necessary to repeat the same phrase 20 times, with a silence or a gesture it could generate uncertainty and increase that tension.

He has commented that in First Dates the most important thing is to know how to listen to the contestants.

I think in all programs, even in life. People from the street come to first Dates and you have to dedicate time and listen to people on the street.

Does the performance at the Tarraco Arena mean the finishing touch for Assassins we are all?.

Yes, first because for a work that comes out of Madrid, being able to close the tour in Catalonia is very nice. In Catalonia there is an extraordinary passion for theater. Then we have Neus Asensi, who is from the land, so he will become a double finishing touch for the project.

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