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Carlos Latre: “We are very supportive, but also very well-wishers”

The imitator and comedian from Tarragona returns home, to the city where he grew up and he does so with his latest show, One Man Show, next Saturday, May 7, in the Tarraco Arenawhere he hopes to receive the warmth of his people. In One Man Show, Latre will be Pedro Sánchez, it will be Messi and Sergio Ramos and also Miguel Bosé or Fernando Simón. He will become more than a hundred characters of the political, cultural and social current affairs. Because current affairs rules, to the point that, as Latre himself stated a few days ago in Tarragona, if necessary the script is changed until the last moment before going on stage.

Aren’t you mistaken for a character on stage?
No. I always say that it is difficult for me to memorize them, but once I have them, I no longer lose them. It’s like a jukebox where I say ¡Rajoy! and automatically I have the gestures, the way of speaking, of thinking and even the cadence.

I have read that the right resists him.
Not at all. Now I’m taking Feijoo out. I have Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Mayor Almeida, Rajoy, Aznar…

Abascal and Married.
Yes. Those yes. What happens is that indeed, some politicians of the last batch were flatter, such as Rivera, Abascal or Casado. You have to think that we came from Rajoy, Aznar, Zapatero and even Pedro Sánchez has that handsome look and, from the handsomeocracy, that way of speaking and liking each other. We had a lot to catch up on. Now Feijoo is very complicated. Because politicians, at first, are very neutral… in gestures.

«I try to keep my feet on the ground enough and my family and my people are the ones who tell me if I do it well or not, if I lose a character or not»

How does he choose his victims?
The present is what sets the course. Now it would inevitably be Feijoo, Carolina Darias, by extension a bit Fernando Simón, the football people… and then there are other characters who are a bit timeless like Alberto San Juan, Luis Tosar or Luis Merlo, people I love doing because they are difficult, so they are challenges for me.

And of the people of Tarragona?
I am a big fan of Els Pets, by Lluís Gavaldà, all my life.

Is it true that they are going to study your brain?
We are already on it.

What does it consist of?
I had a nuclear magnetic resonance for an hour and a half while I was doing the characters and we have seen that there are different things. The first, for example, is that I have neural bilaterality when it comes to imitating them. In other words, I use both parts of my brain at the same time when I make the characters, when normally we use one part or the other. Other than that, I have an observational ability 30% percent above normal average.

And the IQ?
A little above, but absolutely normal. What I have developed is observation, hearing, I am capable of deploying a language invented out of nowhere, of analyzing 50 different languages ​​and saying which is which… millions of things that have to do with speech, with mimesis, with repetition, with imitation after all.

Carlos Latre gets into the skin of ‘The paper house’. Photo: Courtesy

Watch tv?

Do you think the offer is of quality?
I’m going to say yes for a reason, because the big problem is that we look at the generalists. But I think that TV is dead, TV as a concept of the device that was in the house and that kept company, has died. My daughter no longer watches TV, it doesn’t exist for her. You have a billion-dollar proposal of topics of all kinds that you can follow, with which the television offer is as big as you want. I am interested in history, documentaries and series, and then I see something of a general interest and I am more than satisfied. I think the offer is varied, what happens is that we look at what we look at and in the end we are a country that we are as we are.

And how are we?
We are very gossipy. We are a neighborhood patio, absolutely. We are interested in how much one has earned, how much the other has, and who has an affair with whom. It is something very ours. We really like the neighbors patio.

In ‘One Man Show’ he talks about getting along. Is it also a feature of ours?
Spain in general and Latinos in particular have something very beautiful that is solidarity. We are tremendously supportive and the TV3 Marathon is a clear example. But in the same way, we are very well-wishers. We do not do and say things for what they will say, but at all levels, it is our idiosyncrasy. We are tremendously envious people. In America you have talent and you get ten patrons who are going to give you money so that your career shines. Here, as you succeed, we’re going to try to get shit out of you wherever we can so that doesn’t happen. And with your own teammates it seems like utopia to get along. We have good things and other bad and bad things, we all know them.

And that’s where he gets the edge.
I take the edge off everything. In the end it is a show that has a very good vibe, in which I try not to laugh at the bad because we all know the bad. I seek to do positive, fun, very showy things, very in good faith.

«I have been looking for myself a lot because I have always been sheltered behind a character. But every time I am less afraid to show myself»

So, I understand that you not only look at the flaws, but also the virtues.
For me they are not defects, they are characteristics. There was a controversy, which for me was not such, when I made Minister Montero, since they said that she laughed at my Andalusian accent. But make no mistake. I imitate a lady who speaks like that. If she were Galician, she would do it with a Galician accent or if she were Catalan, with a Catalan accent, like I do with Núñez.

Are the characters prepared as a family?
Yes. People who love you and love you well, are the most sincere, for better and for worse. And that’s what you need to hear in this world of flattery and in this world where luckily I feel so loved and supported. It is very necessary that someone put your feet on the ground and tell you the truth. In that sense, I try to keep my feet on the ground, I am tremendously self-critical, but my family and my people are the ones who tell me if I do it well or not, if I lose a character or not.

During the day, how many hours is Carlos Latre?
Many. I think I’m always Carlos Latre.

What is he like? Does he hide behind his characters?
I am less and less afraid to show myself, but for a long time I did not know who I was. I have been looking for myself a lot because I have also always been sheltered behind a character. And I was very lucky that my fame came long after my own professional work. For example, in The Martian Chronicles, first it was the characters and then people wondered who that young man was behind. In fact, I began to be known from Your face sounds like me, when I had already had an uninterrupted career on television for more than 10 years.

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