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Campredó will turn the station into an activity for the people

The Decentralized Municipal Entity (EMD) of Campredó handed over the cession of the railway station to convert it into an activity for the population, after restoring it.

The Campredó train station belongs to the line that currently joins Tortosa with the Aldea and that was once past the line that linked the capitals of Barcelona and Valencia. It will be partly because of the station that will grow the current urban nucleus of Campredó. The Campredó station is currently owned by ADIF and is located south of the Campredó population center. It is in disuse and the building is in a situation of gairebé d’abandonment. Only the main building remains and in its origins it will consist of public services and a casella. Fa uns dies es va ensorrar part of the roof of the building.

Per tot plegat, l’area d’Urbanisme de Campredó goes fer a requirement to Adif, according to explains the president of l’EMD, Damià Grau. In parallel, the City Council is also meeting on May 2 with the Subdelegation of the Government of Spain in Tarragona, Joan Sabaté, to address various issues related to the train station.

«The one who demands is a cessió to exchange for a restoration. But under some conditions that we can assume with the town hall, to restore it and that is to convert it into a public space for the population. Volem start converses with Adif. But the last proposal that ens van fer was a cession to 20 years that we could not accept neither per pressupost nor per return to the population», explains the mayor Grau. «It is a building most emblematic of Campredó, most estimated pels veïns, it is the heart of the town and it is in runes».

Fonts d’Adif confirmed that in principle it would be possible to sign a contract for a symbolic price, especially if the building has had social or cultural activities, but that the transfer is not possible for legal reasons. In any case, it is reaffirmed in escorting the City Council’s proposals and reaching an agreement.


On the other hand, the EMD will also address with the sub-delegation Sabaté the discomfort of the population due to Adif’s project to suppress the country at the municipal level, for which the construction of a viaduct is foreseen. Owners of farms, residents, local and environmental entities, in addition to the Campredó City Council and the Tortosa City Council, have presented more than 200 proposals.

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