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Cambrils homenatjarà aquest dissabte l’organist Lou Bennett in the 25th anniversary of seva mort

Lou Bennett will be an Afro-American jazz organist born in Philadelphia in 1926. Inspired by the organist Wild Bill Davis forms a group based on his concept. After his six-year stay in Baltimore, he went to New York in 1955. In 1960 he left the USA with his Hammond to settle in Paris and became a star on the Jazz scene in that decade. , both more projected fins i tot than Jimmy Smith or Miles Davis. He will be one of the first international musicians who usually performs in Catalonia, specifically at the mythical Jamboree in Plaça Reial. Although he will occasionally return to the Estats Units, he will return the last 30 years of his life to Paris, and the pianist will visit the Costa Daurada in the early 80s and with his wife will buy a house in Cambrils ben At the prop of the sea, he will reside for a decade long seasons. During that time, Lou Benett was going to be an assistant at the Keyboard Jazz Lounge in Reus, a city where he was very good friends thanks to his contact with the disappeared Jaume Juan Magriñà, the owner of that jazz club. The jazz fans of the city will be able to see from ben to prop a great jazz d’those moments with if they are a month of the family.

Cambrils, the sea of ​​jazz, has invited to the Mostra de Jazz de Cambrils the group The Prototype Organ Jazz Trio, the Valencian group in which the drummer Felipe Cucciardi plays, who will accompany Lou Bennet in the last years of his life. The concert of a quest group playing compositions by Lou Bennett will be held this evening on April 30 at the Teatre del Casal in Cambrils at 8:00 p.m. Advance tickets (10 euros) can be purchased at

Seva related to Cambrils

Bennett will be connected by his development of the solo technique with the little one to the bass pedalboard. He will perform all over Europe with his trio with Kenny Clarke, René Thomas or Jimmy Gourley. It is going to move to the Spanish State in the 70s, since I had a contract with the Jamboree, which would allow me to later fix the residence in Cambrils, where I will set up a studio/workshop to dedicate to his Bennett Machine, a modified Hammond organ to meet the severe demands of its but without the inconvenience of 200Kg of weight and the transport of a Hammond. Bennet will die in 1997 at the age of 70 after an arrival of admirers who have not influenced many musicians, especially in Spain, including Felipe Cucciardi or Miquel Casany, members of the trio that will honor Cambrils. Mateix Cucciardi recalled one day the sort that he will have to share as a young man five years with Lou Bennett, sharing musical experiences, and vitals, bearing testimonies of histories, anecdotes and teachings that will mark him forever.

With the singer and flutist Maria Gil

The concert in Cambrils will be special because The Prototype Organ Jazz Trio will be reinforced by the Valencian singer and flutist Maria Gil, who will perform some of the songs that Núria Feliu will record in Catalan for singers from the 1960s accompanied by Lou Bennet.

A classic jazz trio

The Prototype is a trio d’orgue format by Sergio Albentosa (org), Miquel Casany (guitar) and Felipe Cucciardi (drums). The repertoire of the trio is mainly based on the work of Lou Bennett, specifically in one of his groups formed by the drummer of Miles Davis, Kenny Clarke and the mythical guitarists René Thomas or Jimmy Gourley. It also constituted classic themes from the hard-bop tradition that Bennett used to include in his seve performances.

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