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Cambrils designs a new access in the northern area that unites the industrial estate, the city and the train

The Department of the Vice Presidency and Digital Policies and Territory of the Generalitat begins next week the works to connect the Montbrió del Camp road (T-312) and the AP-7 motorway exit (from Cambrils) with the future avenue from L’Esport. This road will be carried out by the Cambrils City Council shortly together with the construction of the bridge over the Verge del Camí ravine.

The connection between the T-312 and the northern area of ​​Cambrils, where the current railway station is, will provide new mobility in the city and future growth towards the north. The roundabout represents an investment of close to a million euros and the construction period is half a year.

The government of Cambrils and the Generalitat met on Thursday to coordinate these three works (roundabout, avenue and bridge) that have to improve access to the municipality from the north and strategically connect it with the new train station, the Belianes sur industrial sector, the Fire Station and the urban area.

Participating in the meeting were Mayor Oliver Klein; the Councilor for Public Works, Enric Daza; the director of the Territorial Services of the Vice-Presidency and Digital Policies and Territory in Tarragona, Trinitat Castro; the person in charge of the Territorial Service of Roads in Tarragona, Carlos Mingote Vilamajó; and the head of the Department of Public Works of the City Council, among other technicians from both administrations.

The construction of the roundabout has a budget of around 1 million euros and will be completed this fall. The Generalitat has adapted the project developed by the Cambrils City Council to improve safety and channel traffic in this environment where the T-312 registers a flow of 8,800 vehicles per day.

The roundabout will be 65 meters in diameter and 6 branches; the roadway will be 8 meters wide, with 2 equal lanes and with interior and exterior hard shoulders of 1 meter. The connection lane between the motorway exit and the entrance to the A-7 will be maintained, so that this change of lanes can be carried out directly without going through the new roundabout that will be created.

In addition to the construction of the roundabout, the works will be complemented by the installation of elements that facilitate the drainage of the road, horizontal and vertical signage, guardrails and beaconing, lighting, plantations and urban furniture and the execution of the underground network. of telecommunications.

On the other hand, the avenue of L’Esport and the bridge over the ravine were put out to tender in November and have already been awarded for around 2 million. The works will begin in the coming weeks.

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