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Cambrils celebrates an institutional act on the occasion of the Day of Europe

The Town Hall of Cambrils has organized an institutional act based on the Day of Europewhich commemorates the anniversary of the Declaration of robert schuman l’any 1950, considered the germ of the current European Union. The act has included the participation of a group of students from the Municipal School of Music and the assistance of different classes of institutions Cambrils, Vidal i Barraquer and Mar de la Frau.

The event has begun with the Parliament of the Councilor for Education, ingrid duchwhich has explained that the City Council joins the celebration of the anniversary by donating to know and divulge the expertise that will guide the foundation of the European Union i els avantatges that it provides to the citizenry. The councilor has affirmed that the nois and noies will have a relevant and decisive participation in the construction and maintenance of the institutions and has encouraged the young assistant to feel the seva veu of her.

Next, the councilor of Joventut gave the paraula, Natalia Pleguezuelosand has affirmed that the Any Europe of Youth is a good opportunity to integrate the priorities that affect young people in the political spheres and in all the levels of decision-making processes. “I am convinced that fresh and new ideas are a great engine that transforms society and has to convince the greatest generations that another Europe is possible”, has secured folds.

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Tot seguit, the professor of Institutional Dret of the Rovira i Virgili University (URV) i expert in Institutional Relations, Alfonso Gonzalez Bondia, has offered a paper, which has served to unravel the reasons for which the European Union is a projecte d’èxit. The speaker has encouraged young people to get involved in the project and be the protagonist of the decisions dam, since 80% of the regulations that affect our daily life originate in the European Union.

The teacher has explained that he is a Europeanist since, more than 30 years ago, he will study a course in Law in Bologna in the framework of the Erasmus project and will discover an alternative vision of Europe that will change his life. “Sigueu europeistes, but do not conformistes”has concluded Gonzalez.

Finally, the first tinent d’mayor, Enric Daza, has arrived the Declaration of the Day of Europe, which will approve the Local Govern Board as an Institutional Declaration the passat divendres. L’acte has finished with the interpretation of l’Himne d’Europa by part of the professor of The Carles Herruz School of Music and three of the six students.

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