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Cambrils and Vinyols have advanced an agreement on the blue zone

The inconveniences and conflicts caused between local users and tourists by the Molí d’Avall blue zone, belonging to Vinyols i els Arcs and integrated into the port center of Cambrils, are closer to being resolved. As the Diari de Tarragona has learned, the City Councils of both municipalities are in advanced negotiations to try to remedy this situation that originated in 2017, when different companies began to manage these paid parking areas.

Since then the confusion has been frequent: there are users who park in Vinyols and pay for the blue zone in parking meters in Cambrils, and vice versa. The reason? The confluence of streets of both municipalities in just a few meters of difference. The errors continue to occur despite the fact that both town halls have notably reinforced vertical and horizontal signage during the last summer seasons, which is when the Molí d’Avall blue zone is activated (it usually works from June 15 to October 15) .

If the payment is made with the Cambrilian mobile app, some problems may also arise, since the geolocator is somewhat inaccurate at very specific points on the street map. Despite this casuistry, the Vinyols City Council does not forgive the fines, which amount to 11 euros if they are paid immediately or 60 euros if the complaint is not withdrawn.

In order to remedy all these problems, the mayors of Cambrils, Oliver Klein, and of Vinyols, Arnau Guasch, have already met twice to discuss this and other common issues between the two municipalities.

Right now, the negotiations are quite advanced and possibly will bear fruit in a collaboration agreement on the management of the blue zones of Molí d’Avall and also of Fontcoberta, another residential area belonging to Vinyols and also with a high influx of vehicles, since in this case is located a few meters from the building that houses the Cambrilense town hall, the CAP, the municipal swimming pool and the two pavilions.

Completed contract

The termination of the contract between the Vinyols City Council and the company that until now managed its blue zones has led to these negotiations, with the idea that it may be Aparcam (Aparcaments i Mobilitat de Cambrils) who will assume them in the short term.

In fact, it is already known that to provide coverage for these two blue zones in Vinyols i els Arcs, it would be necessary to purchase 15 parking meters and hire three security guards to control them.

Right now it is the technicians who are working to resolve these and other aspects that must be included in the framework of this possible agreement. It would also remain to be resolved, in this sense, if the prices in the Molí d’Avall and Fontcoberta would be the same as in the rest of the blue zones of Cambrils and if the residents of both municipalities would maintain the discounts in these new areas. that they have in their municipal term.

In any case, it seems unlikely that the agreement, if closed, can be operational this summer. Everything indicates that it would work from 2023.

In the two joint agenda meetings between the Town Councils of Cambrils and Vinyols, issues were also discussed such as the agreements for the schooling of students residing in the Fontcuberta and the Molí d’Avall at the Escola Cambrils (in normal circumstances they should enroll in schools in the nucleus Vinyols i els Arcs located seven kms); or other services that vinyolencs in Cambrils benefit from, in the case of the police or the ambulatory.

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