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Calafell will host the Fira de l’Ocupació to help find employment

Calafell will host a contest organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Tarragona in which the objective is to put companies that need workers in contact with people who are looking for a job or intend to change.

The Occupation Fair It will be on May 10 at the municipal facilities of the port of Segur de Calafell. The Fira recovers the face-to-face format after two years in which it could not be held in this way due to the pandemic.

In the premises of the port of Segur you will be able to contact companies with job seekers. Companies show their needs for workers and the training they require and citizens collect information and sign up for the lists of candidates.

drive the activity

In the Chamber of Commerce, Josep Oriol Fernández, points out that “We are at a time when we need to boost economic activity.”

Value the recovery of holding the event in person. “In this type of action, the first contact and the first interview can be decisive”

The last and only time that the Fira de l’Occupación was held in Baix Penedès was in March 2020, three days before confinement. It was at the Nuba Hotel in Coma-ruga and 35 companies participated and more than a thousand people attended.

Change of model

The contest is especially necessary in a region that leads the unemployment figures in Catalonia and that must commit to industrialization and seek new models of activity to avoid the monoculture of services and the tertiary. The Fira also allows knowing what the needs of companies are.

The Calafell Councilor for Occupation, Mònica Trepat, explains that the event “It offers an agile format since contracting agreements can practically be closed in one day”In addition to interviews, the Fira de l’Ocupació offers workshops, talks and advice to improve the employability of job seekers.

The program will be at the Casa Nova library in Segur de Calafell and at the Montse Civit civic center in the port.

To participate essential Register using an electronic form. Despite recovering face-to-face attendance, capacity is limited and the use of a mask is required as prevention.

The event will begin at 9.45 in the port of Segur de Calafell and until 4.00 there will be talks, conferences, workshops on the challenge of finding a job or facing a digital interview and how to become essential in a job, in addition to promoting meetings between companies and people seeking employment.

The Fira de l’Ocupació, before the pandemic situation, was one of the most participatory calls and the main labor platform in the south of Catalonia to try to find a job.

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