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Calafell seeks its first European title

Joan Ortoll applauded and sang one of the most popular animation songs to the rhythm of the Penya Els Estrellats on April 9. They did it with their hearts ahead because they were celebrating reaching the Final Four of the WS Europe Cup after beating Juventude Viana in the second leg of the quarterfinals. The celebration was by no means excessive. It was confirmation that the Calafell project seems to be here to stay. That was the intention in summer and promises are sometimes kept.

Calafell decided to take a step forward last summer when they went to the hands of Ferran López to start an ambitious project in which the point of view was higher. The return of one of those technicians who make a difference was closed because his career supports him. Only two years after his departure, he returned to a project with renewed airs in which ambition was more present.

Not only did he shake the bench, but he embarked on an adventure full of faith in a summer market that closed in a big way with the arrival of high-level players like Sergio Miras, Humberto Mendes and Jan Escala.

In case there were any doubts that the bet was more than firm, in the winter window they gave another blow to the table, closing the arrival of Martí Casas from the Italian championship. A series of acquisitions that have formed a reliable squad that has earned the right to dream.

A few months later, no one doubts that Calafell has kept its word of creating a favorable climate for success in this 2021/2022 academic year. The Verdiblanco team has been uncovered as one of the great surprises of the season and they are already afraid of it.

In the OK Liga he walks with a firm step and already has the tickets taken out for both the Copa del Rey and for the eliminatory rounds for the title that this year is decided in a returned format such as the playoff.

The team from Calafell has marked in red an appointment for history like the one presented to them this weekend. Paredes (Portugal) is the stage where Ferran López’s men have the option of making history. There they will play the Final Four of a WS Europe Cup that would allow them to place the first European title in their showcase. Today dbeutan against Lleida (4:00 p.m.) in a high-fire semi-final.

Ferrán warns, there are no complexes

“We have to be authentic and brave. It is a unique opportunity and a very good occasion. These opportunities have to be valued and taken advantage of. I always say that first you have to compete and then there will be time to enjoy”, that is what the Calafell coach emphasizes before the appointment. He trusts his own, although he is also aware that the premiere could not be more demanding. He expects nothing more and nothing less than Lleida, the current champion on the last three occasions. “When you get to a Final Four there is no small rival. Lleida are the favorites because they have a lot of experience and are used to playing in Europe. He has won this competition three times in a row, not once, and that speaks for itself.”

Despite the fact that the rival imposes, López trusts his squad and the approach of a game that is already being played. «You have to go out to win from the first second. We know that individuals are important. They have very good playing time, but we are preparing little things that logically cannot be revealed because everything is read and heard, “says the Calafell coach.

On whether the team arrives at the best moment of the season, Ferran López confirms it, but also emphasizes that nothing is guaranteed: «We arrived at a sweet moment, but this does not mean anything. I remember that in the 2008 Cup that we won with Noia, we lost the two games prior to the Final Four before winning it, but clearly I prefer to get to where we are now.

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