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Calafell removes structures unearthed by storms from the beaches

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The storms continue to bite the coast. In recent days the force of the waves has left exposed structures and pipes of what had been an old yacht club and a terrace which was dismantled a few years ago on Calafell beach.

The loss of sand has exposed those structures that were no longer in use but remained hidden. The situation reflects the forecast that the tides and the loss of sand on the beaches will be faster than previously thought.

The councilor for Urban Ecology, Aron Marcos, explains that the unearthed structures will be removed and sand should be provided in the area. “They are structures that have no use and are an impact on the beach that favors regression and does not retain sand.”

Waiting for the Ministry of Ecological Transition to make a decision on where and when to add sediment to the areas most affected by erosion on the Tarragona coast, in Calafell an emergency one will be made with accumulated sand next to the port of Segur.

The rubble has begun to retreat. For your part it is not advisable to add sand before the month of June since storms can still arrive that would take away the sediment that may be provided.

In any case, the situation is worrying since the tides are going to be more and more intense and the streams no longer provide the necessary sediment, so the beaches are going to be very vulnerable.

In addition to the economic impact, sandbanks are the first barrier to prevent the sea from entering urban areas causing damage as seen a few days ago in Altafulla with the demolition of the terrace of a bar or in the Francàs in El Vendrell, damaging a breakwater that protects an urbanization.

The Calafell City Council insists that the measure will be applied is naturalization creating dune systems that settle the beaches to make them more resistant to waves and place some barriers of stakes that retain the sand in suspension.

That is the measure that experts suggest in addition to considering the deconstruction of the coastline. In Calafell, the City Council has already asked to remove a square from the promenade that occupies a large part of the sand at a point where the sea has a great impact.

In this sense, it also rules out the construction of breakwaters and stone barriers. For now, the removal of the unearthed rubble should serve to gain a beach.

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