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Calafell pedals with Miguelón against childhood cancer

Calafell celebrated Solidarity bicycle festival with the Associació Joan Petit Nens amb Cancer which collects aid for research against the disease.

Party has collected 4,890 euros that will go entirely to the entity that helps children who fight against the disease.

Some 800 people participated in a party that ran through the streets of the beach area leaving the Joan Ortoll pavilion until reaching the port of Segur de Calafell.

This Sunday’s edition was attended by the five-time Tour de Franca champion (from 1991 to 1995), two Giro champions (1992 and 1993), as well as the world time trial champion (1995) and the Olympic time trial champion (1996), among other titles, Miguel Indurain.

The cyclist already participated in a spinning masterclass on Saturday at the Vilarenc Aqua sports center. Dozens of neighbors asked to be photographed with Indurain thanking him those summer afternoons in front of the television watching how he climbed ports without getting up from the saddle and leaving behind rivals like Laurent Jalabert, Greg Lemond, Alex Zülle, Claudio Chiappucci, Tony Rominger, Laurent Jalabert or Bjarne Riis.

The high level of participation in the Calafell bicycle festival, in addition to helping the Joan Petit association and promoting the use of bicycles, should also serve to demand the creation of a network of bike lanes by the municipality.

Mayor Ramon Ferré assures that with the drafting of the The Mobility Plan that is currently being planned includes the extension of bike lanes, which, however, remain to be defined.

Cycle paths

At the moment, as the Diari has learned, there is an approach to draw a bike lane to along Mossen Jaume Soler street, parallel to the train track in the area of ​​the beach for which a deep remodeling is contemplated.

Also the reform of the crossing of the C-31 as it passes through Segur de Calafell contemplates a bike lane that will depart from the Red Cross area and will reach the end of Cunit.

It remains, however, provide a solution for bicycle mobility along the beachfront in the Segur de Calafell area. During the months with the highest influx of visitors, cycling along the promenade is prohibited, but users of this mobility system point out that it is dangerous to go along the road due to the high volume of traffic.

Indurain: “We must move forward so that more people use the bike for their journeys”

It continues to arouse admiration and popular recognition that very few achieve as the years go by. But the deeds of Miguel Indurain remain in the memory. In Calafell Miguelón confirmed that he is still in the peloton.

He is still admired.
It is a satisfaction and I am grateful. They have always treated me very well. When I was on the bike and now. I guess I made a lot of people have a good time.

Beyond evenings concentrating thousands of people on TV, you are responsible for thousands of practitioners in the country.
It’s a good thing then. It is a healthy sport and also the use of the bike is a system for sustainable movement that makes cities cleaner. We were several cyclists who helped this hobby for cycling.

And that you did not start with the bike.
I started practicing athletics, but the truth is, I wasn’t very good, so I switched to cycling.

Now he is very focused on promoting the social use of the bicycle.
Many towns are adapting with bike lane networks for daily mobility. It is necessary to advance in it so that more people are encouraged to use the bike as a means of transport.

There is much to do. It is a danger that there are bike lanes without being segregated from cars.
It is advancing. There are places where separating the bike lane from a street is difficult, like in big cities. That is why it is also a matter of responsibility for cars and bike users. But there are places where you can already see many people moving around by bicycle.

It’s not just a matter of creating bike lanes.
If the commitment is for mobility by bike, safe parking spaces must be enabled, facilitating the purchase of bicycles, recharging areas for electric ones. Progress must be made for sustainable mobility to go to work or school.

How did you get to the Calafell Bicycle Festival?
From the hand of a friend and great athlete. José Manuel Abascal told me that a great bicycle party was being held in Calafell and he couldn’t miss it. In addition to solidarity to help children fighting cancer.

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