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Calafell makes history and will play the Europa Cup final

If there is something that distinguishes Martí Casas, it is his ability to function on a pin, he dominates small spaces with authority. Inside the box he interprets situations, passing lines and impossible shots like nobody else. He has scored goals practically since he was born and his arrival in Calafell, almost by rebound, has been a differential finding.

Martí Casas, like a fine juggler, managed to deflect an outside shot from Humberto Mendes into the net, just when there were just over three minutes left for the conclusion of the second semifinal of the Europa Cup. That action of a neat, voracious and concrete attacker, It allowed Calafell to defeat Lleida and, in turn, make an appointment with history. Tomorrow, starting at 2:00 p.m., they will fight for their first continental title in the grand final against Italian Follonica.

Before the ecstasy, Sergio Miras prepared to execute the record of the game that he dominates the most, the shot from the penalty spot. He got up early for it, because Calafell enjoyed that chance when only two minutes had been consumed. Miras, strange in him, missed the direct launch, although the rebound favored him. He did not spare on the second try. He raised the ball halfway up and accompanied it to the net with no response from Martí Serra.

The Peña Els Estrellats, one of the few fans that populated the Multiusos de Paredes, lit up with the target of one of their idols. The criteria of the European Committee with respect to the venue of the final phase of the Europa Cup was once again revealed due to the sad appearance of the stands. In Portugal and without Portuguese representatives. Bad business.

In that opening stretch, Lleida held on to the ambition of Oriol Vives, who, with individual adventures, managed to threaten Xano Edo, the Verdiblanco goalkeeper, although he was not surprised at first. The goalkeepers warmed up soon, because the two teams searched for the rival goal bare-chested. Both Edo and Serra forced themselves to the maximum demand without room to sigh.

The game entered an unattractive delirium for technicians, although exciting for neutrals. Jordi Badia, when the quarter hour had not yet passed, drilled Edo to equalize the semifinal. His outer shot had ultimate poison. The joy of Lleida did not last even half a second. Calafell hit him back with a pass to the far post by Jordi Ferré that caressed Jan Escala on goal. There wasn’t enough. Lleida replied for the tie, thanks to the defender from Vila-seca Cañellas. He outdrew Xano Edo with a drag.

Two protagonists accustomed to excess balance turned their duel into a wonderful exchange of blows. They forgot about the chess game to bet on vertigo and the show appreciated it. That yes, they took off little of the equality. For Calafell it seemed essential that their rival did not reach an advantage on the scoreboard. There are few teams that better manage scores in favor than Lleida, an expert in managing the game in the dark.

The match is closed
In any case, the scenario became more leaden in the outcome, it was closed, even logical because of what was in dispute over the Portuguese parquet. Calafell needed to grit their teeth after a blue card to Martí Casas. The Xano Edo factor was crucial for the Verdiblancos. First he guessed the direct shot to Oriol Vives and then it became a real pediment when his team bailed out water in numerical inferiority. Each shot from Lleida collided with the goalkeeper’s body on loan from Barcelona.

On the other shore, Martí Serra decided to emulate his professional partner, after a refined maneuver by Sergio Miras. He used his body to gain position in the finishing zone and defined with the record of the drag, but the guards of the Lleida goalkeeper avoided the green and white target. Just at that moment, the semi-final entered the trembling minutes.

Calafell signed Casas for moments like that and the striker confirmed that the club had not made a mistake. He scored the definitive success and allowed his team to be in the first European showcase, a job of years, of persistence in the face of adversity. The final suffering, with the Lleida overturned, was worth it. Tomorrow awaits glory.

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