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Calafell maintains its commitment to ‘what is natural’ to save the beaches

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The sea storm that has lasted for many days has once again emaciated sections of Calafell beach, especially in the area of ​​Plaça del Mil·lenaria concrete surface that was made on sand and has been shown to have a large impact that accelerates sediment loss.

Now we are waiting to see the real effects on the beaches when the tide recedes. However, it is expected that in this section there will be very little sand, which requires an intervention that has already been proposed by the Councilor for Urban Ecology, Aron Marcos: demolish that square.

It is not only that the sea has gained ground on the coast, but also. It is that that square occupied many meters of sand that are now missing to promote dune recovery areas that help retain sediment in the event of a storm.

Because the attempt to establish beaches in Calafell and make them more resistant to storms will continue with dune recovery systems and planting of native species to help retain sand, as the councilman announced in the municipal plenary session.

In recent days the bite that the sea has given on the beaches is visible and also how it has accumulated large amount of algae on the shore that have been left voluntarily since they also contribute to curb the impact of the waves.

Marcos explained the planned actions on the beaches in plenary session after the Easter holidays. During these days they have been seen on social networks Complaints from some neighbors who consider that delimiting spaces for dune recovery has cut meters to place the towels.

The councilor explained that there is enough space for a tourist use of the sand, but that measures must be taken to try to retain the beaches because otherwise in a short time there will be nothing left.

In this sense, he explains that the advice and trends to settle the sandbanks and slow down the impact of the waves involves recovering the natural logic of the ecosystem with its plant species, dunes and even algae on the shore that They cushion the impact of the tides while retaining the sand carried by the waves.

For decades, natural systems have been excessively ‘humanized’ and have been deprived of the elements that allowed their sustainability. At the same time, the placement of barriers and groynes as a rule has not been shown to be effective and has aggravated the situation.

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