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Calafell lifts the first European title in its history

A certain trace of credibility is sensed in Calafell, as if an interesting construction of the present flows. This has been the case since this summer, when the entity, almost always accustomed to lurking in the dark, decided to make a more ambitious investment and opted for a proposal with a firm look. It has turned out because the prizes have not been slow to appear. With Ferran López in command of operations, the new Verdiblanco army has already laid the first stone of its new work. He has a first and last name; Europa Cup. Or what is the same, the first European title in its history.

In the grand final, he had to endure the maturity and competitive spirit of Follonica, a rival without technical shrillness, but with an enormous capacity for survival. He forced the Calafell to keep his treasure until the last second, he didn’t allow a sigh. Partly logical thing in Europe and more in a final. Follonica himself turned out to be an advanced teaching teacher for the future.

Probably without actors with a million scars on their backs like Sergio Miras, Martí Casas, Jordi Ferrer or Umberto Mendes, the Verdiblancos would not have endured the demand that their rival asked of them. Precisely, those names landed for nothing to live afternoons like yesterday in Paredes. The clinical eye of the entity and of Ferran López did not fail.

The challenge lived its idyllic moment at the start, in the blink of an eye, the verdiblancos kidnapped a loot that seemed definitive. First, after two minutes, thanks to a spoon from Umberto Mendes, who surprised Barozzi, the eternal Italian goalkeeper who still does not have an expiration date. Mendes fired from an angle, but his daring got the shout of the goal. Martí Casas, seconds later, signed up for the outpouring of forcefulness from Calafell. He converted with a shovel shot and lit up the fans present and those who were a thousand kilometers away. Casas completed the show with a free kick that made it 3-0. Those who thought that he carried the definitive label were seriously mistaken.

Follonica, like a good Italian squad, clung to straws to stay on their feet. He came back and presented his status as a title contender in just over two minutes. Banini scored from a penalty and was seconded by the Catalan Dídac Llobet. There were no doubts, to win a complement of extra patience was needed.

The final was not only set to a hockey battle between two protagonists hungry for glory, it also became an emotional roller coaster, difficult to manage. Before the break, with the game more even and sane, there was room for two more hits. El Calafell struck first with an exquisite maneuver by Arnau Xaus, but a few seconds before intermission the old Argentine rocker Montigel defined a stopped ball.

The phase of fear caused more precautions and less rhythm. The denouement enjoyed fewer heartbeats and packed more brains. The risks were tied in chains. The shore was so close that neither Calafell nor Follonica wanted to undress more than they should. Ferran López’s team wanted to finish it off with 5-2 by Jan Escala, who deflected an outside shot from Sergio Miras in the first instance. The rejection favored him to culminate before Barozzi’s stretch.

The Italian enemy response did not take long to reduce differences. Francesco Banini seconded his brother in offensive work. Between the two of them they run the show at Follonica. The 5-4 brought a clear message; In Italy there is no flag of surrender.

The cardiac end was drawn by Xaus, from a direct free kick, and Davide Banini, with a shot in the mouth of the goal that took the ball crying to the net. Barozzi held the hopes of Follonica because he handcuffed two Verdiblancos direct shot attempts and that forced Ferran López’s men to bail out water in the seconds of suffering. It is essential to dominate the quartermaster in open heart matches, all or nothing. The Calafell who wrote his name in capital letters in the golden book of continental hockey did it.

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