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Calafell competes, but cannot against Barça

Calafell was able to surprise and finish fifth in the OK Liga, but they did not take advantage of Lleida’s puncture and fell to FC Barcelona, ​​albeit offering another great version.

The Joan Ortoll dressed up to bid farewell to the regular phase of the OK Liga. The first game after the conquest of the Europe Cup had all the necessary ingredients for it because the rival they were facing was also FC Barcelona. Dreaming of fifth place was the secondary objective, but the main one was to endorse that this team is not afraid of anyone. Not even the best team in Spain, at least in the 26 games, perhaps the playoff sings something else. We will see.

If someone expected a hungover and relaxed Calafell found a team dedicated to the cause and carried on wings by their fans. With that impetus he played and stood up to a FC Barcelona that appeared without obligations because the leadership already had him more than tied. The first half was a constant retort between both teams, but finally it was the Barça team that struck first at the edge of the break. Pau Bargalló overtook the leader in a Joan Ortoll that already lit up the atmosphere for the comeback in the second half.

However, Ignacio Alabart calmed things down when he made it 0-2 five minutes into the match. It could be a definitive blow, but not for a Calafell who once again used his personality to close the gap with a goal from Martí Casas almost immediately. A whole world ahead. More alive than ever. They tried, but could not tie and rodrigues sentenced in agony. The Calafell, sixth.

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