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Calafell and Joan Ortoll honor their heroes

CP Parlem Calafell won their first European title in history this past weekend in Paredes (Portugal) after defeating Follonica in a thrilling final (6-5). How could it be otherwise, the municipality of Calafell received its heroes in style.

The act of celebration had everything, but above all it was full of smiles because right now a state of absolute happiness has been declared in a town that has seen its firm commitment to the hockey team rewarded.

The celebration began in the Joan Ortoll parking lot where the players got on the float to start the parade that left at 7:00 p.m.

From there, a tour of the entire town awaited them for an hour in which the fans and neighbors were able to encourage and support them. They have walked the name of Calafell through Europe and that contains an incalculable value.

After the journey came one of the most anticipated moments in which the players were able to go up to the balcony of the Joan Ortoll to offer the title to all the residents gathered.

A place where the songs and the good vibes were present throughout the whole time until it was over to go to the Hotel Salomé where a party was ended that will always remain in the memory of the staff and the neighbors and fans.

Now Calafell has no time to lose and is already beginning to prepare for the last day of the OK Liga in which they have a demanding finish at the Joan Ortoll against the first-placed team, Barça. After this, the hardest, but at the same time beautiful, part of the season lies ahead, such as the Copa del Rey in which Lleida will be measured in the quarterfinals and the OK Liga playoff.

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