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Calafat will be the scene of the premiere of the Spanish Rallycross Cup

It will be in the hands of V-Line Org., one of the main organizers of races in Spain, with whom the CERX will take its first steps, with all the good logic that history teaches us. It was in 1986 when Paco Gutiérrez, at that time the president of Escuderia Girona, brought the European Rallycross Championship to our country, specifically to the defunct Circuit de Sils. Now, almost thirty-six years later, it is the company directed by Francesc Gutiérrez, son of what is considered “the father of rallycross in Spain”, which is in charge of organizing the first test within the first national contest of the specialty.

To do this, the Circuit Calafat has undergone an exhaustive review in order to have the track in ideal conditions for racing. The track, originally intended as a test circuit, has recently hosted the tests of the RX2e electric rallycross car, which forms the prelude category to the World Championship since 2021. In this way, a series of improvements have been made to increase the safety and spectacular nature of a layout that has the characteristics to generate the greatest sporting spectacle.

Calafat, in its rallycross variant, is a circuit that is just over 1,200 meters long and runs clockwise. It has two different parts, one on asphalt and the other on dirt with a percentage of 56% – 44% in favor of dirt, a jump and the always essential Joker Lap. The start is located on the main straight of the speed variant, starting in the opposite direction to connect with the last corner of the rallycross circuit at the entrance to the Pit Lane.

Thus, Circuit Calafat is the first to officially join the Spanish Rallycross Cup. Its location, between Tarragona and the Ebro Delta, next to the Mediterranean Sea, is perfect for fans of Catalonia, the Valencian Community and eastern Aragon to enjoy the intensity of the spectacular hand-to-hand battles that will take place at CERX a few kilometers from their homes.

Francesc Gutiérrez (head of V-Line Org.): “Personally, I am very proud that V-Line Org. I organized the first test of the new rallycross championship, not only because of the trust that the RFEDA places in us, but also because of the fact that I could recover the legacy left by my father. He was a pioneer in bringing such a show to our country at the Sils Circuit, with Groups B and A, at the end of the 1980s, and the fact of having the opportunity to inaugurate this event gives me extra satisfaction. I think the ideal conditions will be given to have a great start, with a level circuit and perfectly prepared for the specialty, such as Calafat, and a very capable and motivated human team, which is up to date with the operation of the discipline. Hopefully there will be a good level of participation that will consolidate it, because I believe that Spain could not be left out of rallycross and I hope that this is the beginning of a contest that should already appear as a fixture in national motorsports.”

Pablo López Castillo (Category Manager – Spanish Rallycross Cup): “Having a track like Circuit Calafat at CERX, where present and future rallycross cars are developed, is a great pleasure, which will be complete thanks to the involvement of V-Line Org. His experience in organizing races guarantees the success of the event and, above all, the link with the history that exists through Francesc Gutiérrez and the figure of his father, Paco Gutiérrez, makes it possible to start the event with this first appointment be very special and important to us.”

The Spanish Rallycross Cup, V-Line Org. and Circuit Calafat join forces to launch in style the first national RX contest in the history of our country, a strategic project this 2022 season of the Royal Spanish Automobile Federation. The next 4th and 5th of June, the spectacle of the competition will fill the Catalan track with magic, where the fans will be able to vibrate with emotion with the great debut of the CERX.


1. CALAFAT → June 4-5, 2022

2. 23-24 July 2022

3. 17-18 September 2022

4. 15-16 October 2022

5. 19-20 November 2022

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