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“Businesses that sell fresh produce in the neighborhood are disappearing little by little”

The neighborhood associations of the peripheral neighborhoods of the city miss, for the most part, the local businesses that sell fresh produce. Some neighborhoods complain that they are short of supplies and residents are forced to travel to buy, with no other alternative than the supermarket.

On the subject, one can also mention the future ‘march’ of the Mercat del Carrilet, which leaves an area of ​​the city in check, at least until its transformation becomes effective and the establishment of a point of sale for fresh produce promised to start up there. However, focusing on what the neighborhood furthest from the center has to say is that there is a “paradigm shift” and although the city is compact and, from the council, numerous initiatives are planned to connect it, “businesses that sell products fresh in the neighborhood are gradually disappearing, “says the president of the Associació de Veïns (AV) del Barri Fortuny, Cori Balanyà. Every time “there are fewer, in general,” she adds.

He acknowledges that it is always “useful” to have a store in the neighborhood, “but they will not return unless their opening is encouraged, with help from the administration.” He points out, even so, that we have, “before us, another alternative”, he values ​​referring to the medium and large surfaces that land in the neighborhood and that, globally, are settling in the city over the last years . After all, the large supermarket firms are emerging as the natural alternative, which “are not bad at all, they are simply different from before, you find everything in one place, we will adapt”.

Balanyà asks, on the other hand, that the oldest businesses be taken care of, mentioning one that they consider important in the area: the Xarcuteria i Cansaladeria Salvador Pàmies. “You have to look for them, because it is what distinguishes us as a neighborhood,” he says. Otherwise, he says, they would all be [los barrios] cut from the same pattern. “Luckily, we still have two more vegetable and fruit stores, but it is evidence that we end up with quality and proximity when we do not bet on buying in the stores of all life, the specialized ones that gave you personalized treatment, as in the past. », he manifests.

Fill vacant premises

He stresses that what should be done “is to encourage the creation of new businesses in empty premises, of which there are many,” he continues. He proposes to encourage the youngest and, since it is in vogue “that of organic products, this matter could also be influenced”. Although he has nothing to do directly with the issue at hand, Balanyà recalls that the flight of banks from the neighborhoods also makes day-to-day logistics more complicated. “We complain and the matter is not resolved,” he laments.

Returning to the main topic, the president of the AV of the Gaudí neighbourhood, Mª del Mar Escoda, adds that “fresh produce stores are always missing, but we ourselves are to blame for their disappearance, because we end up going to large surfaces and we let proximity die like this ».

In fact, it counts the establishments that sell fresh produce in the Gaudí neighborhood: they are “a greengrocer and Mohamed’s grocery store.” Asking neighbors and neighbors of the neighborhood, they say so: we find the case of DS and MG, who have to leave the neighborhood to go shopping. «There is no longer a butcher shop and the greengrocer that there is has little variety. Yes or yes you have to leave the neighborhood », they explain, with the addition that there is work on the main main access bridge, something that is still punctual.

The president of AV de La Mineta, Xavier Panisello, describes that in their area of ​​influence they only have a local fruit and vegetable store, among other services, something that they do not see as a problem, since “we have two medium-sized surfaces near and we travel by car, it is something that we have already assumed, ”he summarizes.

He declares that the supply of fresh products in La Mineta is subject to the presence of large surfaces, “in the event that someone wants another specific product, he moves to the center of the city and that’s it.” Although it is not related, the neighborhood of La Mineta celebrates that it has opened a business where you can go buy bread, “something that we did not have before.”

The president of AV 1º de Maig de Reus, Eduardo Navas, says that “we have everything except a butcher shop, which closed a few years ago and is something that we would need.” On the other hand, he adds that “fresh product sales outlets are effectively disappearing, that before there was even a fish market, but all of them either end up retiring or they can’t get the business forward, because they can’t deal with the competition from the supermarkets, with more resources. He points out that local businesses go well for when “you forgot something when making the big purchase, it was next to home.”

The president of the AV de Jardins de Reus, Amaia Magallanes, says for her part that there are only supermarkets in the neighborhood and that at least they have them nearby to go shopping, but no local shops where fresh produce is sold. And it is that there are numerous neighborhoods in which there are even no services. For example, the president of the AV of the Montserrat neighbourhood, Domingo Martínez, indicates that the closest thing they have is a supermarket and he is realistic with the matter: «A store would not be successful in the neighbourhood, we already had one and it had to close ».

The president of the AV of the Juroca neighborhood, Manolo Villalba, states that “we have two greengrocers in the heart of the neighborhood and several supermarkets, in addition to other services, but butchers, for example, we no longer have: two closed due to retirement and another third because we believe that it could not face the competition with large surfaces, ”he highlights. He maintains that «that familiar treatment of the shopkeeper, in these large establishments, you don’t have them; the proximity of the old shops has ended».

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