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Bratia kicks off the Dixieland Festival today

Coinciding with the International Jazz Day, the Tarragona Dixieland Festival kicks off today. At noon there will be a vermouth concert with a performance by the Stromboli Jazz Band (12 noon, at the Casa Balcells restaurant), while at 7:00 p.m. a concert has been scheduled at Tinglado 2 of the Moll de Costa, inspired by the exhibition Between the Lines, by artist J.James White.

In this sense, the concert aims to unite two artistic currents, the musical and the graphic from works by White, which are related to each other by a common link: that of creation from destruction. It should be noted that the artist is one of the members of the Keystone Cops group and, with his musical companions, they will be in charge of transforming the painting into melodies.

The opening show will also take place today at the Teatre El Magatzem (8pm) with the Balkan Pompe Ignition concert by Bratia, which has already sold out all the tickets. The energy and elegance of manouche jazz and the musical richness of the Balkans are united by the nomadism of the gypsy music of this group, which has Pere Nolasc Plana from Tarragona as violinist.

At the same time, today at 9 pm at the Brisa restaurant there will be a ‘dixie’ dinner, a musical evening with the swing, dixieland and blues of Raül Cid and Adrià Mort as protagonists. The programming of the Tarragona Dixieland Festival will continue tomorrow, Sunday May 1 at 12 noon, with the vermouth concert offered by the Big Band of the Banda Unió Musical de Tarragona in Plaza Verdaguer.

Next week the jazz contest will continue with proposals for all audiences. In fact, on Tuesday morning Apocadixie Quartet will discover the origins of jazz to the students of the city’s schools, through the auditions that will be held at the Teatre Tarragona. And on Wednesday afternoon the Cooperativa Obrera will host a dance class for all ages, where the Swings is in the air school will introduce participants to the world of jazzsteps, blues and lindy-hop.

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