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Bot, the town of Terra Alta between mountains, culture and traditions

The parent of Joan Amades i Gelats was fill of Bot and per això this population wrapped in mountains and irrigated by the Canaletes river that neix als Ports d’Orta and the old cap of Benifallet, is marked by these two characteristics. The great cultural knowledge of this ethnological and folklorist quest that is so explained in his books on the town of Bot, and the wealth of the orographic and hydrographic landscapes that are an enchanting and spectacular treasure of the Terres de l’Ebre and of Catalonia.

Antoni Cortès is the current source of botanist culture, and on record in the different books published on the seu poble, on festivals and contes, on names, history, sayings, historical records, reflections in the magazine « El Predís”, which will be one of the founders and an active collaborator.

The name of Bot, to be sure, will be of protohistoric origin, donated by the rest of the Iberian settlements that settled in the municipal district, surely dependent on the Coll del Moro, the dominant region of the interior plains of the municipal district, where the senyor lived, among the towns of Sant Antoni de Calaceit and Banyoles de Tivissa, on the other coast of l’Ebre. Also due to its Arab etymology derived from the Beni-Hud family, dominant in the area in times prior to the reconquest by Ramon Berenguer IV, who in romanizing changed it to Buzot, with which it appeared in the Charter of Donation of the Territories of the Castle of Miravet, at the Order of the Temple, l’any 1153.

In later documents it changes per Boot i ja in recent times, in the current toponym. During this time, he was pertànyer at the Comanda d’Orta, jointly with Arnes, Prat and Caseres, and later at the Order of the Hospital.

The mountains that lie to the south are the continuation of Santa Bàrbara, where the Convent dels Àngels d’Orta is located, which is more connected to the Convent of Sant Salvador, so reminiscent of its architecture and its miracle-working frare that it lived in the 16th century. we famous the territory

Davant mateix del municipi s’hi veu la Roca Plana i la Roca del Migdia i l’esquerra l’Agulla, partint amb el terme de Prat de Comte. To the left of the Serra dels Molandins, where the Visigots will take refuge in being occupied by the Arabs the territory of any 711, and coneguts per mulandins. Facing the north the Serra, with the Coll del Moro ans commentat, al seu davant ia ponent la Serra dels Pesells, antic poble incorporated al terme d’Orta.

I pel mig d’aquests conglomerats muntanyencs hi discorre the riu Canaletes that tot el seu recorregut between Orta, passant per Bot and els termes de Prat, Gandesa i el Pinell, les aigües baixen entre congosts, amb natural pools of great beauty and rock carvings vertically, on s’hi troba la Fontcalda, riu avall, i les Olles riu amunt. Tot is a real charm that leaves the visitor perplexed by so much beauty!

Every thirty years of the past century in the second pass between Orta and Bot, it is going to build the Val de Zafán railway line that goes from Alcanyís to Tortosa and ends at Ràpita to reach Aragó to the sea. This railway line, unfinished in 1937, General Franco will enable it to arrive at the war materials to attack the Serra de Pàndols, reducing the defense of the republicans. I seves Vies hi will install German batteries that attack the fronts of Fatarella, Corbera and Serra de Cavalls in the sadly famous Battle of l’Ebre. Due to the lack of economic profitability, with the excuse of an enfonsat tunnel, the train will stop working. But the road had a great importance during the seva construction; While the population increased, that of Terra Alta began to decline at the beginning of the 20th century. Així Bot with 1500 inhabitants for those years will reach 1800 in full construction of the railway. Avui la Terra Alta i Bot, s’have reduced considerably.

This railway line has become a tourist attraction of the first magnitude, connected by the Via Verda, but on hi circulate and visit many tourists the landscapes that surround it, and Bot, on the coast of the road, is the indret Significant for visiting the restaurants, the rural houses, the cellers de vi i oli, the campsite and touring the Ruta de la Pau and the Ruta de l’Oli. The garnatxes of the DO dels vins Terra Alta dels cellers de Bot, are famous for the millors taules del món.

The traditions have remained in the village, as well as the pilgrimage to the hermitage of Sant Josep, the Festa de Sant Antoni, as well as the coques, the balls, the jotes, the majorals and the majorales of Sant Blai, the pubilles and the damisel ·them. Traditional festivals that remind you of Joan Amades als llibres de Carnestoltes, la Primavera, la Tardor, la Caiguda de les Fulles or el Nadal. A village full of character that is worth visiting-it and rest the peace imposed by the mountains that surround it.

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